7 Moments When Captain America Exerted Physical Strength Which Is Impossible For A Normal Human Being


Marvel’s Captain America has shown the fans many times why he is worthy of being the leader of the Avengers. Steve Rogers is just a human being, and while it may be strange, Captain America does not have any superpowers whatsoever. It is the Super Soldier Serum that has simply enhanced his body up to the very point which is the apex of what a normal person can achieve with the most rigorous and toughest training sessions.

Cap’s body, soul, and mind, are very much human and yet he manages to stand amongst the Marvel Gods, and this is an achievement in itself. However, there have been many times in the MCU where Cap had shown God-like strength as well:

7. Destroyed an armed Quin-Jet

Steve Rogers has shown the Marvel fans why he should not be messed with. He had easily brought down an armed and combat-ready Shield Quin-jet using his motorcycle, his shield and a few old-fashioned moves. Cap had driven his bike right into the jet and leapt forward to get a good footing and then he threw his shield into the jet’s turbine inflows.

6. He Jumped from a plane without a parachute

In the movie, The Avengers, there had been a few reservations amongst all the fans about is Captain America could make any difference to the MCU. After the Avengers had learned that Loki was spotted, Cap jumps off the plane, and the difference was that Steve Rogers did not have a parachute with him and this shows the level of confidence that Cap has in his abilities.

5. He made Iron Man cry

Iron Man is not physically very strong, but he does have a strong mind. This has been enough for the superhero to bring down Titans. In the movie, The Avengers, Tony Stark had taken down an Alien Chitauri Battle Station and yet Cap had managed to hold Iron Man off and also defeated Stark with one strong swing of his Vibranium shield right into Tony’s chest.

4. Cap has fought two Black Order generals

Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive are not people that one would consider as a B-List villain. These two have conquered worlds for Thanos and are the face of fear and wrath. Captain America had displayed great strength when he had made both these Black Order generals bite the dust.

3. He stopped a helicopter from taking off

In the movie, Civil War, the fans had seen the most famous graphic representation of Captain America’s strength when he had stopped a Helicopter being piloted by the character, Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier from taking off. This force required for making a Helicopter stay in the air is way more than what a normal human could exert.

2. He had almost lifted the Mjolnir

Strength is not just about muscle, and true strength comes from the mind. To actually be mentally strong is to even win half the battle. In Age of Ultron, all the superheroes had tried try to lift Mjolnir in a drunken moment. Captain America, who cannot actually get drunk because of his Super Soldier Serum had almost managed to nudge the Mjolnir.

1. He has stopped Thanos

In the movie, Infinity War, Steve Rogers had even managed to hold off the Mad Titan, Thanos in Wakanda by using his arms as the Mad Titan had looked in disbelief as to how a little man like him could stop him.