10 Captain America Superpowers That You May Not Know Of


Steve Rogers, as we all know, was a very young and frail man. This guy could not join the army because of his weak physique but he loved his country, so he volunteered to take the place of a lab rat for a suicidal experiment. He then became Captain America- a Super Soldier by blood and also by spirit. In a lot of his adventures, Steve has depicted many abilities that the fans may not remember or even know of. In light of this, we have for you 10 superpowers of Cap that you have no idea about:

1. Fatigue immunity

When a normal human body does strenuous work, fatigue sets in and slows the muscles. Cap does not have this problem as he is a Super Soldier and the Super Soldier Serum ensures that he does not get tired.

2. Healing factor

Cap possesses a super-heightened healing factor and it takes him just a few days to recover from a broken neck or even a severed spine.

3. Armoured costume

Cap’s Shield may have saved his life ‘too’ many times. But at times, even the world’s strongest metal, Vibranium, is not enough to stop the stray bullet that could break through the defences and for handling this problem, the Shield gives Captain America a special armour-plated suit, which is fire-resistant and bulletproof.

4. Resistant to intoxication

In other words, he can’t get drunk. Cap’s metabolism rate is pretty high, so his body is known to function at a very different level as compared to others. This way, no chemical or drug can hamper Cap’s body functions.

5. He is worthy of Mjolnir

The fans have seen Captain America lift the hammer two times in the comics. Once, he lifted the hammer when no one was looking at him and the other time, he lifted Mjolnir during the storyline Fear itself.

6. He ages really slowly

The Super Soldier Serum gave Cap many powers, and one of the abilities that he has is suspended aging. His cells are always replaced as and when they get are damaged. This means that Steve Rogers stays forever young.

7. Hypnotism-resistant

The superhero can be incredibly focused. This makes it impossible for villains to hypnotise or brain-wash Cap.

8. Photographic Memory

Cap has the brains to back up his brute. He has a photographic memory and is easily one of the world’s best virtual supercomputers.

9. Super Sight

Cap’ssight is specially developed to process information easily and he can spot almost anything out of the ordinary.

10. He is an artist

Before Steve Rogers became the Super Soldier, he wanted to join one of the premier art schools in America. He did not get to pursue his dreams, but the comic books have shown that he was a skilled artist.


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