Brie Larson Just Said That Captain Marvel Can Easily Defeat Superman


Do you think Captain Marvel can beat Superman? Well, the Carol Danvers actress, Brie Larson thinks that she can.

Captain Marvel is just one day away from its release, and the actress is out for the movie’s promotional campaigns. Brie Larson had recently taken part in a Google Q&A session where the actress had gone on to answer a few of the most Googled questions about herself. When she had been asked if Carol Danvers could take down Superman, Larson did not even think twice about this and said, “I can’t believe you’d have to Google that, Duh.”

That is a great question actually. Marvel Studios’ head, Kevin Feige had revealed that Carol is the most powerful character to enter the MCU. This would mean that Hulk and Thor do not stand a chance against her-not even Iron Man.

But what about Superman?

This question is surely better suited for all who have seen the film and also saw the unharnessed power that Carol has.

All the DC fans will vote for Superman, and Clark Kent is the man who started it all, and he also has a huge set of powers. The Man of Steel has also fought the Hulk in the past and has also beaten him in the comic books. Captain Marvel can easily bring down the Hulk within seconds.

Carol Danvers and Superman may end up being a draw, or maybe their powers would destroy the Earth.

Captain Marvel will release on March 8th, and as of now, this film movie has been getting a lot of positive reviews from the critics.


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