MCU’s Captain Marvel Makes The Skrulls Much Better Than They Are In The Comic Books


The huge box office of MCU’s Captain Marvel has confirmed that it is yet again a huge a hit for Marvel Studios, but it might be the Skrulls of the film that are the real winners. After many years of being thought of as villains in the comic books, General Talos and the rest of the Skrulls are getting justice.

Considering on the marketing for this film, the roles of the alien races seemed are in line with the comics: Carol Danvers and the Kree are good people, and the Skrulls are bad.

How can one trust a shapeshifter? But Captain Marvel’s twist is known by most of the fans by now-the Skrulls are actually the victims of the Kree, and had been hunted down as refugees.

Do not let anyone tell you that this is changing the Captain Marvel comic history. The revelation that this universe is wrong about the Skrulls might be a huge surprise, but due to Marvel Comics, it is long overdue.

So, why are the Skrulls of Marvel Comics known as unwilling participants and peaceful, in an unjust war?

A part of this answer is that by the time the Avengers had met the Skrulls in the comics, they had been embroiled in war with the Kree.

So, neither side had been depicted as heroic. In the comic books, it was not actually until many centuries after this event that the Skrulls had realised what had happened. To them, an unknown empire had started attacking their innocent settlements.

They would not have even guessed that the empire had been formed for killing them.

Go forward many more centuries into the modern setting of the Marvel Universe, and superheroes like the Avengers had been oblivious and assumed that the Skrulls and the Kree were to blame.

Which seems pretty weird, given the origins of the conflict does not really leave any doubt-the Skrulls did not want a war and have also been ruined by it, while the Kree had been made by it. Another reason that the comic books do not make as big a deal about this is because it is easier to make shapeshifters an antagonistic force, willing to “win at any cost.”

Captain Marvel had prepared for an Avengers crossover by choosing not to repeat the franchise’s thesis – that “war corrupts all”.

It had returned to the very beginning and the forgotten origins of the galactic feud. If there is a bully, we can all agree that it is the Kree.

The film movie version of the crisis showed what would have happened if the Skrulls did not choose to sacrifice peaceful ways to combat the Kree.

In future movies, Skrulls might not be as peaceful as Talos and the ones we had seen.

As people, the Skrulls of the MCU are a greater tribute to the true origins of their species. This might not be the version of the Skrulls well-known to all the comic book fans of the Secret Invasion storyline.