Stan Lee’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Cameo Just Created A Huge MCU Paradox


MCU’s Captain Marvel film offers all the fans one of the most memorable cameos of Stan Lee, but as a few fans have pointed out, the movie’s moment of meta-humour might have created a paradox fit for a Christopher Nolan film.

Stan Lee and the movie’s titular heroine cross paths on a train which travels via LA in 1995. As Captain Marvel is on the lookout for the Skrull who is hiding among all the passengers, the superhero passes the late comic book legend, who plays a fictional version of himself. To make things more meta, Lee is rehearsing the lines for his cameo in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats.


It is a pretty great moment that brings the tradition of Stan Lee’s cameo to a full circle, but it is one that has left all the fans with many questions.

-If Stan Lee is real in the MCU, does this mean that the Marvel Comics exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

-If not, then what is Lee famous for in the MCU?

-If Stan Lee’s MCU version did not create Thor, Spider-Man, the Hulk and many other Marvel characters, then how can we address him as Stan Lee?

Maybe it is best not to think so much about all this. However, if you need an in-universe explanation, we can assume always that the MCU Stan Lee had been responsible for a different line of comic books.