The Captain Marvel Trolls Missed Why It Had Been Pitted Against Alita: Battle Angel


The controversy about the MCU movie, Captain Marvel continues as the actress, Brie Larson has been called a man-hater, and there is now a call to boycott this movie with the fans being asked to go instead and watch Alita: Battle Angel.

“Instead of seeing Captain Marvel and it’s man-hater lead actress this weekend, see Alita: Battle Angel instead,” Mindy Robinson tweeted.

“It stars a strong female without all the SJW bullsh*t. #alitachallenge.”

Mindy’s tweet had followed a video response from the conservative, Jack Posobiec directed at Disney and Marvel which has more than 60k views on Twitter offering to boycott the film and watch Alita: Battle Angel.

“We are sick and tired of you and your parent company Disney cramming your SJW bullcrap down our throats. You did it to Star Wars. You’ve done it to The Avengers, and now you are pushing it with Captain Marvel,” Posobiec had tweeted.

“So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to stop giving money to people who hate us. We’re going to stop giving money to you until you start leaving the politics at the door. Brie Larson and her little comments about ‘this movie isn’t for white males.’ Sorry. Just not that into it. That’s why we’re launching, and it has already been launched on social media, the hashtag #AlitaChallenge. This Friday, March 8, go see Alita. Go see a real movie with a great female lead that talks about real issues, not this pandering SJW crap. Hashtag #AlitaChallenge.

The reason behind promoting the film, Alita: Battle Angel over Captain Marvel had been to pit two science-fiction themed films with female leads and also feminist themes against each other as proof that their hatred was not for women, but for Brie Larson. There is a lot of irony, however in promoting Alita, considering that the movie’s core ideals are really far more progressive in tone and opposed to the beliefs of Captain Marvel. The original manga which had inspired Alita: Battle Angel has been famed for the populist and environmental themes, and Alita fights against a corrupt elite of wealth-hoarding plutocrats. Captain Marvel offers the fans the most idealised view of American military pilots.

The Captain Marvel controversy had then reached a new height when Samuel L. Jackson had blasted President Trump by comparing him to a slave plantation owner.

Jackson stars as Nick Fury in the film and also had f-bombed the president in January. One national news outlet had confirmed that Captain Marvel is suffering from a PR nightmare.

The Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, has been pretty silent on there being any controversy about this movie. They are now waiting to see what the opening box office will be before they make any comments.


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