The Whole Cast Of Mighty Ducks Reunited At The Hockey Game. Here’s What Happened


The entire cast of The Mighty Ducks had reunited recently at an Anaheim Ducks game.

“Some might great people joined us at today’s game,” the Anaheim Ducks Twitter account had shared.

“Some of your favorite Mighty Ducks visited us on Long Island and met a few of our guys after the game.” Danny Tamberelli, Kenan Thompson, Vincent Larusso and Colombe Jacobson-Derstine, had been in attendance, and they were sporting their custom jerseys with their characters’ names.

Featured in these images are many Anaheim Ducks players, like the goaltender, Josh Gibson. The Mighty Ducks stars did not bring much luck to the Anaheim Ducks as the team had been defeated by the Islanders in a 3-0 loss.

The Mighty Ducks had debuted in the year, 1992, and had become a fan-favourite flick and had stuck with the young audience all through the years. The $50 million run at the domestic box office had been enough to prompt many sequels. D2: Mighty Ducks would release in the year, 1994, had earned $45 million and D3: The Mighty Ducks in the year, 1996 had earned $22 million.

None of the movies had been critically acclaimed and had gotten bashed by critics, but the fandom remains. Now, these actors are popping up randomly, a few of the stars are shining a bit brighter than others in Hollywood. Thompson is now a regular on Saturday Night Live ad Tamberelli is a voice actress and has titles like Grand Theft Auto V.


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