This 90’s Cast Would Make A Great Avengers Team


The latest MCU crossover movie, Avengers: Infinity War had ended on a pretty grim note, but the trailer for Avengers: Endgame show us that the Avengers have not yet given up, and all the fans of the MCU are now asking a very important question -what if The Avengers movie had been made during the 1990s? This is a question as old as time.

It has been fun to always hypothetically cast popular and famous actors of 10 years, and try and fit their personality and presence to a few specific characters. Who would have played the role of Iron Man if Robert Downey Jr. had been an avid socialite? What would actually have happened if the MCU had begun 20 years ago? There are many actors and actresses who had almost made it into MCU films, and many of these celebrities could have actually led their very own franchises during the peak of their ’90s popularity.

Here, we have for you a list of the 90’s actors and actresses who would have played the roles of Avengers members if the MCU had been created 20 years earlier:

1Denzel Washington – Black Panther

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2Sandra Bullock – Wasp

3Brendan Fraser – Star Lord

4Joe Pesci – Rocket Raccoon

5. Keanu Reeves – Doctor Strange

6Cuba Gooding, Jr. – War Machine

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7Brad Pitt – Thor

8Winona Ryder – Mantis

9Gary Oldman – Loki

10Eddie Murphy – Falcon

11 Alicia Silverstone – Wanda Maximoff

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12Mel Gibson – Thanos

13. Ben Stiller – Ant-Man

14Jared Leto – Spider-Man

15Sharon Stone – Pepper Potts

16Tom Cruise – Iron Man

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17Johnny Depp – Hawkeye

18. David Duchovny – Hulk

19Leonardo DiCaprio – Captain America

20Jean-Claude Van Damme – Vision


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