80s & 90s CLASSIC

    Paramount Might Make A New Optimus Prime Movie : All Depends On Bumblebee

    As of now, the last announced movie from Transformers is the upcoming Bumblebee solo, but, in case the film does well, things might change. In fact, the producer Lorenzo...

    Here Is The Tales From The Crypt Video Game That Almost Got Made

    There is a YouTube channel CryptTube which has revealed details about a Tales From The Crypt video game which was never made. The channel managed to access some CGI...

    Jeff Goldblum Is Open To Doing The Fly Sequel

    According to Jeff Goldblum, he is ready to do a The Fly sequel, if it were to be directed by David Cronenberg. The star even said that he has...

    Lea Thompson Set To Ask Marvel To Make A Howard The Duck Reboot

    Renowned for playing Lorraine Baines in the Back To The Future trilogy, Thompson had also played the role of Beverly Switzler in the much-criticized 1986 film. Routinely featured on the...

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