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    Spider-Man: Far From Home May Actually Introduce MCU’s Harry Osborn And Gwen Stacy

    While the other MCU entries might be a lot more significant when it comes to the grand scheme of things, surely Spider-Man: Far From Home is now shaping up...

    We Would Have Seen Steve Rogers Marry Sharon Carter In Avengers: Endgame.

    In Avengers: Endgame, we saw Tony live a full and complete life, and he had finally kept his interest of the world above his own interest. After having spent...

    Kevin Feige Confirms That These Two MCU Characters Are The Same Person

    Among the many actors playing different characters, there had been surely no chance for anyone to play two characters since they have been played either through a lot of...

    Who Could Be The MCU’s New Iron Man

    With the MCU all set to get an all-new new Captain America, will we also get an all-new Iron Man? Well, we can all agree that Robert Downey Jr.’s...

    Winter Soldier Star, Sebastian Stan Says That We Will See More Of Steve Rogers

    Avengers: Endgame showed the fans that Tony Stark died the death of a hero, but Captain America's ending had been based on a lot of huge assumptions. What he...

    John Wick: Parabellum Dethrones Avengers: Endgame And Makes Record Opening

    After having had a really amazing reception from the critics for the third time in one row, John Wick has earned a huge number at the Box Office. The...

    Twilight Fans Want Kristen Stewart To Become DCEU’s Next Catwoman

    A lot of the Kristen Stewart fans are now campaigning for her to play the role of Catwoman, and this will reunite her with the Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson,...

    John Wick Star, Keanu Reeves Wants To Play Constantine One More Time

    Thanks to Matt Ryan, John Constantine has now become a thriving and popular show on The CW and is now transitioning into the main role on DC's Legends of...

    New Avengers Team Led By Captain Marvel Includes Venom And Deadpool

    Captain Marvel is now set to command an all-new Avengers team, dubbed the “War Avengers,” and this is a military-themed group which has been tasked with heading into war. The...

    MCU Star Scarlett Johansson Is Now Engaged To SNL Actor, Colin Jost

    It seems like a wave of well-wishes and congratulations are in on their way for Avengers: Endgame actress, Scarlett Johansson. After having dated for two years, she has now...

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