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    7 Actors That Almost Played Your Favourite Superheroes On TV

    Right now, after so many years of superhero movies, we have gotten used to seeing very familiar actors and actresses as our favorite superheroes. But in this list, we...

    DC’s ‘Aquaman’ Trailer Is Mind-Blowing And Has A Humorous Undertone. Watch It Here

    The time has come, and all the DC fans have just got their first look at the upcoming Aquaman movie's trailer, and it is GOOD. All the fans at San...

    A Silver Surfer Origin Film Being Planned By Marvel Studios. Here’s What’s Happening

    There are a few beloved superheroes and supervillains that all the moviegoers would love to see on the big screens, and Marvel has surely done a great job of...

    9 Actors Who Will Leave The MCU In 2019 And The Fans Are Already...

    The MCU has now brought together an array of talented actors and actresses. A few of them like Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd and Robert Downey, Jr., had been already...

    Venom: The Initial Reactions Suggest A Poor Outing For Tom Hardy’s Movie

    Sony’s Tom Hardy starrer Venom was speculated to be the biggest release this fall, but, now we are afraid that the film seems to be veering towards turning out...

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