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    The Batman To Start Its Filming Before 2019 Ends

    The Batman is all set to start its shooting before this year comes to an end. The director, Matt Reeves had also shared this news on social media when...

    6 Super Famous Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Related To Each Other

    We have seen that the entertainment industry has really grown across various verticals in the field of TV shows, movies, animation and lots more. The actors and actresses have...

    New Data Shows That Darkseid Can Easily Destroy The Mad Titan. Here’s What’s Happening

    When it boils down to some of the most powerful characters in the comic books, Marvel's purple cosmic villain, Thanos and DC's villain, Darkseid aways make it to the...

    25 Discarded Wonder Woman Concept Art Pieces Superior Than The Actual Movie

    The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had to be responded by DC, and they launched the DC Extended Universe with a compact, but, partly erratic Man of Steel....

    Marvel’s X-Men Head Towards Another Days of Future Past

    Marvel's mutant superhero team, the X-Men and their comics seem to be setting up a dystopian Days of Future Past reality once again. In the year, 1981, John Byrne...

    This Is What Iron Man Will Look Like In The White Quantum Realm Armor

    Today, we will go into what it may look like if Iron Man gets a new white suit for the Avengers 4 movie. As we have seen, superhero suits...

    7 Mind Blowing Marvel Movies That Never Got Made

    In the world of movies, quite often projects are briefly greenlighted before things like scheduling issues, budget problems, poor test screenings, behind-the-scenes problems or change in creative leadership, the...

    Marvel Studios Pays Tribute To Stan Lee On His Birthday

    Marvel fans across the world are still mourning over the loss of the legend, Stan Lee since he had passed away last month. From a lot of heart-touching celebrity...

    Avengers Endgame: Is This The Mega Villain Of Avengers 4 And Not Thanos?

    Earlier this year, we saw how Thanos committed a universal genocide in Avengers: Infinity War after getting hold of the six Infinity Stones. indications are that the risk will...

    Here’s Your First Look At War Machine’s Proton Cannon For Avengers: Endgame

    It all started with the “Look Hard” post which had been shared by the Russos as a hint of revealing the title of the upcoming Avengers movie, but what...

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