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    Here’s What Kaley Cuoco Could Look Like As Harley Quinn

    By the looks of it, a new actress might be getting into the eccentric Harley Quinn personality. Reports have confirmed that the Harley Quinn animated series will see the...

    Superman Star, Henry Cavill Does An ‘Aquaman’ Impression In Honour Of Jason Momoa

    The Superman actor, Henry Cavill is now showing his love for the Aquaman star, Jason Momoa in the form of a very cheap yet funny, impression. The Man of Steel...

    Rumor Claims Batman Solo Movie Might Be A Reboot Within The DCEU

    It was common knowledge that Ben Affleck was to play Batman in Justice League, a movie which was converted into a single film after initially being a two-parter. After...

    7 DC Characters That We Are Excited About Seeing On Screen (Confirmed/Speculated)

    These are not really great times  for a DC fan. It doesn’t matter whether you love the films that Warner Bros. has made since Man of Steel released in...

    Aquaman To Get Its Horror Spin-Off- ‘The Trench’

    Aquaman, as you all know, has been a huge box office success for Warner Brothers and it is not only getting a sequel, it is getting a spin-off movie...

    Tiffany Haddish Is Keen To Play Wonder Woman’s Sister Nubia In DCEU

    Actress Tiffany Haddish is keen to play Wonder Woman’s sibling Nubia on the silver screen.  “I would love to do Mystery Girl,” Haddish told IndieWire, “or play Wonder Woman’s sister,...

    Rumor: Here’s How Steve Trevor Will Return In ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

    When the movie, Wonder Woman had released in 2017, all the DC fans had been super shocked when the character, Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine had met his...

    DC Has Officially Confirmed That MCU’s James Gunn Will Write The Script For ‘Suicide...

    DC Entertainment has recently released a short statement on the DC Daily webseries, and this had verified that James Gunn will be involved in the Suicide Squad 2 movie....

    10 DC Characters Powerful Enough To Crush Thanos Like A Bug

    Have you ever imagined what would happen if Thanos took on some of the smartest and the most powerful DC Universe characters? Well, one thing is sure that things...

    DC Comics Officially Confirms: Harley Quinn Married Poison Ivy

    Issue #70 of Injustice 2 shows Orca and Killer Croc readying their vows to each other, and that’s when Poison Ivy recalls a story about Las Vegas, a duplicate...

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