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    7 Captain Marvel Facts That MCU Fans Must Know Before She Lands On The...

    Carol Danvers will land in theatres early next year as Captain Marvel, the first ever MCU solo movie to star a female superhero. Captain Marvel is one of the...

    5 Awesome Video Game Movies That Are Under-Production

    Right from the time, Super Mario Bros. movie released in 1993, video game based movies were supposedly always going to be box office failures and critical debacles. During the...

    Here Is A Woman Who Turns Her Body Into Fascinating Superhero Costumes

    Comic book superheroes are fascinating and larger than life. In fact, they are one of our major sources of inspiration and hope in this increasingly hostile world. Irrespective of...

    30 Incredibly Funny Shazam Memes That Will Make Fans Go Crazy Laughing

    MCU arrived on the scene and conquered the box-office as no other franchise had done before. This led to an obvious response from DC Films who hurriedly launched their...

    12 Hilarious Drax The Destroyer Memes

    Drax the Destroyer is a very famous and fan-favorite fictional character, and he makes his appearances in the comic books by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Jim...

    11 Times Characters Were Inspired By Real People

    Art is a form of expression and the most renowned artists are often inspired by the world around them. There is no lack of inspiration in the real world...

    28 Breathe-taking Realistic Cosplays From San Diego Comic Con 2018

    We live in a tough world. Yes, there are things that are beautiful and awesome, but, life is challenging, and we need entertainment, larger than life crime-fighters and a...

    35 Mind-Blowing Iron Man Fanart Images That Fans Will Not Be Able To Unsee

    The depiction of Iron-Man is probably the most astonishing example of the impact that the comic books make. The character of Iron-Man was created by legendary Marvel writer/editor Stan...

    The Incredible Smasher: 7 Deadliest Hulk Versions Ever

    Back in 1962, the Marvel Universe was evolving when its most powerful hero arrived on the bookshelves in Incredible Hulk (Vol.1) #1. After he was exposed to the gamma...

    30 Amazing Instagram Photos Of MCU Stars That Would Delight All Fans

     Marvel launched their big screen superhero universe ten years ago with Iron-Man. Their concept of superhero movies is unique because it features a shared superhero universe where various comic...

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