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    25 Incredibly Funny Batman vs. Iron Man Memes That Will Delight The Fans

    They have been competing for several decades, and each of them has vast fandoms that keep imagining the face-off between the superheroes from both universes. This rivalry and competition...

    Here Are 15 Titans Who Are Much Stronger Than Thanos

    The Eternals are by far the most technologically superior races in the Marvel Universe, and they are extremely powerful. Apart from their regular superpowers like strength, flight, endurance, and...

    This Is How Movies In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Look Like Before The Added...

    Most of the Marvel movies revolve around a mix of superpowers, mutants, Gods and even aliens but we all know, this does not happen naturally. A huge team works...

    33 Hilarious Memes Created By Fans To Troll Their Beloved Marvel Superhero Actors

    There is one peculiar aspect of fictional characters, especially those originating from novels and comic books: they have vast and passionate fandoms. Marvel Comics-based Marvel Cinematic Universe is the...

    30 Epic BTS Images From The Iron Man Movies That You Must See

    For many of the Marvel fans, the Iron Man trilogy of movies seem to feel like they happened a really long time ago. The very first Iron movie had...

    8 Avengers 4 Fan Theories That Are Likely To Come True

    Warning; This article is based on spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man & The Wasp. The presently untitled Avengers 4 is going to be the 22nd movie from the...

    30 Hilarious Times That Superheroes Have Looked Super Funny Without CGI

    Superhero movies are known to use CGI. One simply cannot have a real-life Iron Man flying around in an armour or a real Superman with his heat vision. The...

    6 Female Versions Of Superheroes Who Did It Better

    Many of the heroines in the comic book world had started out as damsels in distresses and tagalongs. The male characters were always seen helping the female characters and...

    16 Hollywood Couples Who Have Crazy And Huge Height Differences

    It is said that most opposites attract and scientifically speaking, we are way more likely to be attracted and interested in people who act and look similar to us....

    10 Shocking Times When Hulk Had Eaten People

    The Hulk has been famous for a lot of things like his brutal and raw, super strength and also his viciousness. The character's anger and temperament are also known...

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