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    The Day When Hulk Tore Wolverine Into Two And Here Is How It Happened

    Wolverine and Hulk are both brutal and greatly destructive. In fact, they are more destructive than a giant wrecking ball. When the Hulk gets upset, nothing is left intact...

    10 DC and Marvel Superhero Actors Who Never Used Steroids

    Actors playing superhero roles need to be extremely strong and have a lot of power and endurance to display the unbelievable heroics as a superhero and to display superpowers....

    The Confirmation Of This Sequel Indicates That The Marvel Character Is Not Dead

    A lot of the fans are super curious about the MCU after the events of the movie, Avengers 4, which is still a mystery. After Guardians of the Galaxy...

    ‘Infinity War’ Fan Theory: Doctor Strange Was Behind Hulk’s Refusal To Come Out

    Avengers: Infinity War released on April 27th this year. The film had nearly everything that fans could have asked for. It had death, devastation, chaos, and absolute disregard of...

    33 Incredibly Funny Behind-The-Scenes Images Of MCU Actors

    We have been in love with the superheroes from the Marvel Comics for as long as we can remember, but, there were no good Marvel Comics films to enjoy...

    Earth’s Fittest Heroes: The 15 Most Muscular Marvel Cinematic Universe Actors

    We admire them for the way they take on the mightiest of villains, aliens, and even monsters and beat the enemies to save the day. The bulging biceps and...

    25 Incredibly Funny Marvel Fanart Memes That Will Make Fans Go LOL

    Avengers: Infinity War had a record-shattering entry into the theatres, and it has now become the highest-grossing superhero movie ever courtesy of its $2 billion-plus haul on the box...

    Finally The Trailer For ‘Captain Marvel’ Has Been Released

    Finally, the day has come-one that we have all been waiting for. After 10 years and 20 movies, the first ever Marvel female-led movie... Captain Marvel's trailer has been...

    This Avengers: Infinity War Image Reveals How Spider-Man Had Almost Removed The Infinity Gauntlet

    A screen grab from Avengers: Infinity War was shared by a Redditor u/sufyann05, and it reveals how Spider-Man (Tom Holland) was very close to snatching the Infinity Gauntlet away...

    Here Are 5 Major Secrets About ‘Ronin’ Hawkeye’s Character In Avengers 4

    Fans were delighted to see the leaked photos from Avengers: Infinity War sets that showed Jeremy Renner in the Hawkeye costume. The ace archer of the Marvel Universe was...

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