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    30 Incredible Spider-Man Fanart Images That Are Simply Mind-Blowing

    Spider-Man is an imaginary Marvel superhero who was created by the legendary writer/editor Stan Lee and writer/artist Steve Ditko during the Silver Age of Comic Books. Spider-Man debuted in...

    30 Versions Of Favorite DC & Marvel Superheroes Gone Evil Which Will Scare The...

    We have all read comic books, and most of us might still be fascinated by the graphic way of storytelling seen in these colored pages. Over the years, they...

    10 DC Characters Powerful Enough To Crush Thanos Like A Bug

    Have you ever imagined what would happen if Thanos took on some of the smartest and the most powerful DC Universe characters? Well, one thing is sure that things...

    New Emotional Avengers Poster Gives A Farewell To Captain America

    As all the Marvel fans would know, Captain America has been the heart of the MCU. It had all started with Iron Man technically, but if one goes by...

    ‘Avengers 4’: Mark Ruffalo Is Fired By The Russo Brothers On Twitter

    In response to Ruffalo’s request to The Tonight Show to remove his spoiler for the upcoming Avengers 4, the directors Joe and Anthony Russo dealt with the Hulk star...

    Here Is How The Comic Book Characters Get Portrayed In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

    These are incredible times for the superhero genre. In fact, if you talk to any fan of the superhero stuff, chances are that you will hear how the Marvel...

    15 Powerful Marvel Gods Who Can Destroy The World Within Seconds

    Most comic book films have shown us very powerful superheroes within their universes. The DCEU, for instance, has given the fans, Superman and many heroes like the members of...

    6 Facts About Iron-Man That Make Him Better Than Batman

    It is a fact underscored by Batman and Iron-Man both that smartness is better than other talents. Batman has been able to defeat Superman only because he is not...

    Here Is: How ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Should Have Ended

    One of the most talked about points of Avengers: Infinity War was its ending. It was a massive, universe-altering turn of events which will give shape to the Avengers...

    Spoilers: Here Is The Explanation For ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Post-Credits Scenes

    It won’t be wrong to say that Ant-Man and The Wasp has come across as an anti-timeline film for Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it has released after Avengers: Infinity...

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