15 Reasons Why Rogue One Is Superior To George Lucas’s Prequel Trilogy

    The creators of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story couldn't make a film to satisfy the die-hard fans of Star Wars. That gathering of people, while vast, isn't the...

    Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi Who Fell In To The Darkside!

    We have here, a list of the 10 most fascinating Fallen Jedi. They’ve been ranked on the basis of their power, lightsaber skills, actions, wisdom and other qualities. It’s...

    7 Important Points That Prove “Darth Bane” Is Most Hideous Sith Of All Time!

    Darth Bane is presumably a standout personality and an incredibly significant character in Sith history. He began as a modest mineworker and joined the ranks of the Sith military....

    10 Twisted and Distressing Features Of Darth Vader’s Costume.

    Darth Vader is probably the most influential character in the history of Star Wars franchise. He is an iconic entity in the pop-culture, and a renowned figure in the...

    7 Most Awful “Star Wars” Casting Choices

    Star Wars isn't precisely known for its stellar show of acting ability. As it is, not everybody can be as awesome as the likes of a Harrison Ford or...

    Confirmation On – Who Is Going To Be The Next Han Solo?

    So finally after countless fan speculations and invalid rumors, the question "Who is going to play Han Solo?" in the Disney's Star Wars Han Solo Anthology movies has been...

    7 Actors Who’ve Played More Than One Star Wars Character.

    Getting one role in a Star Wars film is highly exciting. However, simply envision having the capacity to play more than one character. Here are a couple people who've...

    8 Fun Facts About The Slave Leia Costume In “Star Wars”

    Carrie Fisher said of her scandalous ensemble from Return Of The Jedi; “I remember that iron bikini I wore in 'Episode VI': what supermodels will eventually wear in the...

    5 Of The Coolest Lightsabers In The Galaxy.

    When you think of Star Wars or any Science Fiction film for that fact, you usually think of the catalyst of all Sci-Fi film awesomeness.  Star Wars! I know I...

    9 Ways How Star Wars Episode 9 Will End

    Star Wars Episode IX may not release until May of 2019, but we have enough information to give us a really smart idea of how this trilogy is bound...

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