Fan Makes New ‘Star Wars’ Movie About Darth Vader Story

    An all-new Star Wars fan movie goes into the mind of the famous character, Darth Vader. "Vader Episode 1 - Shards of the Past" starts off with a very unexpected...

    Confirmation On – Who Is Going To Be The Next Han Solo?

    So finally after countless fan speculations and invalid rumors, the question "Who is going to play Han Solo?" in the Disney's Star Wars Han Solo Anthology movies has been...

    Star Wars Actor, Adam Driver Knew The Fate Of Kylo Ren When He Signed...

    The actor, Adam Driver, has now admitted that he has known the fate of the Star Wars character, Kylo Ren in the upcoming movie, Star Wars 9 since he...

    7 Actors Who’ve Played More Than One Star Wars Character.

    Getting one role in a Star Wars film is highly exciting. However, simply envision having the capacity to play more than one character. Here are a couple people who've...

    7 Most Awful “Star Wars” Casting Choices

    Star Wars isn't precisely known for its stellar show of acting ability. As it is, not everybody can be as awesome as the likes of a Harrison Ford or...

    5 Legendary Darth Vaders Who Made Star Wars Awesome, Where Are They Now?

    In silver screen history, his silhouette is the most recognizable. He can slaughter you with an idea. He is your dad. Oh, no! Yes, we're talking of none other...

    8 Ways On How Star Wars: The Trilogy Will End

    With The Force Awakens behind us and two more episodes to go, what can we anticipate from the current Star Wars trilogy? Episode VIII, which will release on December 15, is directed by...

    The Father Of Anakin Skywalker Has Been Revealed And The Fans Are Shocked

    The mystery surrounding Anakin Skywalker’s birth has now been solved, and this as confirmed who had been responsible for the character's mother’s pregnancy, and this has also changed the...

    10 Actors of Star Wars Universe Before The Fame!

    It's been more than 40 years since the first Star Wars came out, and its still driving people crazy for more Star Wars content. There are only a few...

    New Galaxy’s Edge Image Shows Completed Millennium Falcon

    Disneyland has now shared a really amazing look at the completed Millennium Falcon from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. This new part of the Anaheim and Orlando theme parks are...

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