The Top 10 Cast Of The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Where They Are Now

    How about we look at the stars of the Star Wars prequels and analyse how their professions have changed since their adventures in a galaxy far, far away. This...

    8 Ways On How Star Wars: The Trilogy Will End

    With The Force Awakens behind us and two more episodes to go, what can we anticipate from the current Star Wars trilogy? Episode VIII, which will release on December 15, is directed by...

    7 Actors Who’ve Played More Than One Star Wars Character.

    Getting one role in a Star Wars film is highly exciting. However, simply envision having the capacity to play more than one character. Here are a couple people who've...

    8 Fun Facts About The Slave Leia Costume In “Star Wars”

    Carrie Fisher said of her scandalous ensemble from Return Of The Jedi; “I remember that iron bikini I wore in 'Episode VI': what supermodels will eventually wear in the...

    12 Biggest Star Wars fan Theories

    1. The Last Jedi is actually Snoke.   2. Luke Skywalker will turn to the Dark Side after Leia is killed in front of him. //

    15 Reasons Why Rogue One Is Superior To George Lucas’s Prequel Trilogy

    The creators of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story couldn't make a film to satisfy the die-hard fans of Star Wars. That gathering of people, while vast, isn't the...

    5 Characters/Actors Are Returning For Spaceballs 2 : The Search for More Money!

    Star Wars has the most passionate fans across the world, who cannot bear even a single word against their favorite franchise, and it required someone as talented as Mel...

    5 Legendary Darth Vaders Who Made Star Wars Awesome, Where Are They Now?

    In silver screen history, his silhouette is the most recognizable. He can slaughter you with an idea. He is your dad. Oh, no! Yes, we're talking of none other...

    Top 10 Actors We Lost in 2016

    2016 has been a long, fierce year for superstar deaths. We’ve also lost eminent performers like David Bowie and Prince. Numerous on-screen characters have died this year, right from...

    Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi Who Fell In To The Darkside!

    We have here, a list of the 10 most fascinating Fallen Jedi. They’ve been ranked on the basis of their power, lightsaber skills, actions, wisdom and other qualities. It’s...

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