25 Cattleya Baudelaire Hot Pictures Show Off Her Voluptuous Body

25 Cattleya Baudelaire Hot Pictures Show Off Her Voluptuous Body

Cattleya Baudelaire is an Auto Memories Doll working for an organization called the CH Postal Company. She features in a series called Violet Evergarden. She is one of the most requested for figure in her company especially among those clients who have troubles in their love life.

Her co-worker is Violet and as one of the oldest employees in the organization, she is also close to Hodgins. Cattleya, like any anime heroine is quite the stunner. She is curvaceous and has luscious jet black hair that fall until her waist. She has flawless skin and a comparatively tall stature ticking all the boxes of being a conventional beauty.

1. Cattleya Baudelaire Hot Pics

Cattleya Baudelaire Hot Pics
Cattleya Baudelaire Hot Pics

One of her unique features is that she has purple (also can be called amethyst) irises and her character’s red lip colour remains a style statement. In terms of her attire, her red bustier is an eye catcher. In addition to that, she wears a grey inner garment that can be seen since her bustier is open necked. In addition to her attire she is also heavily accessorized sporting a choker and a pendent.

2. Cattleya Baudelaire Sexy Pics

Cattleya Baudelaire Sexy Pics
Cattleya Baudelaire Sexy Pics

Her hands are adorned with bracelets and rings. Another popular element in her attire is her thigh high boots. Cattleya is quite a joy to have around given how loving and passionate she is, it makes her the perfect doll to have clients that have a slacking love life. She values the idea of love no matter what kind it may be and cherishes it in equal proportion.

3. Cattleya Baudelaire Hot Pics 2022

While her character is extremely strong, she is also shown to have a sensitive side which is alluring to the viewers. Her need to be appealing to Hodgins does cause her some stress. As someone who cherishes love so much and values it as the key to happiness she is also warm and was extremely welcoming to Violet when she had just joined in.


She is also quite playful and teases Hodgins. One of her best known rival is Benedict. Cattleya has a conundrum of emotions within her. Although she was raised in an abusive home, Cattleya never fails to be loving but she also expects her love to be returned to her. She has pride which may come off as pompous but in reality it is her conviction in herself that allows her to pride over her abilities especially her humongous physical strength that allows her to physically stop a fight if she must.


On one side, she is the problem solving calm and mature woman and on the other she can be quite naïve, almost like a child.  Now that we’ve given enough information about Cattleya Baudelaire, it’s time to move on to our next segment which is what you’ve all been waiting for!


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