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Top 22 Chinese Anime That Are Highly Recommended

Top 22 Chinese Anime That Are Highly Recommended

The Japanese anime world is a huge deal and it has occupied our attention for quite a long time. But you have a whole new world of anime now. The Chinese anime has been continuously going well and being quite the success. Recently there has been much well-known anime which has been either adopted from Chinese novels or popular web dramas. Mentioned below is a list of Chinese anime new and old which are highly recommended because of their unique plot, marvelous characterization, and wonderful animation.

22. Twin Spirit Detectives (Shuangsheng Lingtan)

Twin Spirit Detectives (1)

A pair of twin brothers who are paranormal investigators by profession believe that we can not see everything that is going on around us. While they were in one of their cases they face a series of bizarre events that makes them question the supernatural world. The more the brothers try to get closer to the mystery the more confused they get between reality and fiction. They will continue to face dangers and challenges in order to reveal the truth.

21. Big Fish and Begonia(Da Yu Hai Tang)

Big Fish and Begonia

The plot deals with two worlds. The mythical world and the human realm. The magical creatures in the mythical world help to take care of the order of nature in the human world. A young girl joins the mythical realm and to start working first she has to experience the human world. But she makes a mistake as soon as she reaches the human world. He resurrects a human boy who died trying to save him, and in the process, she changes the order of nature. Now she has to face the consequences. In order to get her position she needs to first experience and accept the simple rules of nature like death, love, sufferings, etc. To see what the girl will do you will have to watch the anime.

20. Cupid’s Chocolates (Aishen Qiaokeli Jinxingshi)

Cupid’s Chocolates (1)

A normal highschool boy Jiang Hao Yi is like a scared, obedient little kid. He is very afraid of getting into trouble in school. But everything becomes very confusing for Hao Yi when he suddenly becomes the king of a harem in his school. The most bizarre part is that he does not recognise any of the females who have confessed to him. Hao Yi has no idea about what is going on in his life.

19. The Devil Ring (Jio Mo Ren)

The Devil Ring 1

This is why we should steer clear of strange objects. Zhou Xiaoan is a freshman who faces troubles when he puts on a strange ring and a devil comes out of his mouth. A series of historical secrets get revealed and Xiaoan’s life changes forever.

18. Chinese Mystery Man (Zhongguo Jingqi Xiansheng)

Chinese Mystery Man (1)

When the Eastern Han Dynasty revives a lost form of magic everything is different. There are monsters, who are dangerous enough to eat humans, lurking on the street. It has to be found out what or who can stop these beasts from terrorizing the whole place.

19. Spiritpact (Ling Qi)

Spiritpact (Ling Qi)

Originally a manga, Ling Qi follows the story of You Keika, an unfortunate part-timer whose life is suddenly changed after a sudden meeting with a white-haired man. It is revealed that You had died in a sudden accident and was now a wandering spirit. The man was 13th Youmeshi of the Tanmoki, a powerful exorcist family in China. You and the exorcist make a pact that grants You safety from humans in return he has to follow the old man like a shadow and grant him extra protection. The rest of the series follows the two in their journey through the spirit world as a deeper connection between the master and the slave.

16. Voice of Fox (Kitsune no Koe)

Voice of Fox (Kitsune no Koe)

Here you will come across a young boy named Hu Li, who dreams about becoming a singer but unfortunately he doesn’t have the things he needs to be popular, like good looks or money. But determined to fulfil his dream Hu Li uses a fox avatar to upload his music online.

15. Rakshasa Street (Zhen Hun Jie)

Rakshasa Street (Zhen Hun Jie)

Rakshasa Street is one of the most underrated anime of recent years. Maybe because people didn’t really give it a good enough shot. On paper, it feels like any other ordinary fantasy drama. The heroine faces an accident that takes her to an unknown world. Xia Ling after facing a freak accident wound up in a Rakshasa street, where evil spirits and humans coexist. She crosses a boundary and cannot turn back and is stuck there. Another amazing element of this anime was the way past and present were woven into each other.  The entire drama though not edgy is full of angst and when you reach the ending your mind will be blown.

14. Stellar Transformations (Xing Chen Bian)

Stellar Transformations (Xing Chen Bian

Stellar Transformations literally has everything you look for in an anime. It has depth as well as movement. It is filled with relationships to really root for. But at the depth of it, the anime is all about the relationship between a father and his son. It shows us that familial relationships are always important even if there is no reflection of love in it. We can be driven by our desire for acceptance. In this anime, a meteor changes the life of the boy. And even with all the changes that he gains because of it, the focus is mainly on how the father reacts to it. Even though there is a beautiful romantic subplot the drama is rooted in family.

13. Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Huyao Shao Hongniang)

Fox Spirit Matchmaker (Huyao Shao Hongniang)

If you love romance, weird matchups and the whole concept of destiny Fox Spirit Matchmaker is the anime for you. It has two pairs in the center of it all. Prince Fan Yun Fei and his reincarnated lover, Li Xueyang are destined for each other, they are the perfect match for each other but still, Xueyang is not interested in making anything of it. While Bai Yuechu—a powerful human Taoist who desires freedom from the ruling Yi Qi Dao League—and Tushan Susu, a small and innocent fox spirit literally fall into each other and work seamlessly. This anime is endearing to may the least from beginning to end.

12. The Legend and the Hero (Wu Geng Ji)

The Legend and the Hero (1)

The legend and The hero anime is breathtaking because of its unique set up and hidden meaning. It takes place in a Universe where Gods interact with humans or specifically practices tyranny on them. The anime literally begins when a human king refuses to accept that tyranny. He puts his foot down and prepares himself to fight with Gods themselves. The anime constantly puts us in a position where we question ourselves. We question our faith, beliefs as well as the reason behind our practicing it. It leaves us with the lesson that if you have belief over something you should follow it through no matter what the consequences. Whether you end up on the losing or winning side, it will be worth it.

11. My Cultivator Girlfriend (Wo de Tian Jie Nu You)

My Cultivator Girlfriend (Wo de Tian Jie Nu You)

My Cultivator Girlfriend makes you anticipate the possibilities of the world we live in. The world that we are living in is shaping up to be quite aggressive and soon we will be in a place that will become a dog eats dog. And that is exactly where this anime takes place. The anime shows a world where the strong prey on the weak and there is a literal race of sorts to become no. 1. And if you follow this drama intently you will understand that it also showcases through the character of Ma Yingxiong how scared we are of flipping this system.

10. Tales of Exorcism (Xiang Ling Ji)

Tales of Exorcism (1)

Tales Of Exorcism is unique and not really like it sounds. Yes, there is Exorcism, in fact, it is the main occupation of the central character. But it is more seethed in friendship rather than anything else. It shows how even after being so different and coming from two different worlds you can still work together. The 19-year-old tomboy exorcist Hua Jiu and  ‘evil spirit’ Seven Lord have an unlikely partnership, where both don’t want to remain with each other but are stuck and through their rantings strike up a genuine relationship. Apart from this, there are various forces which Hua Jiu faces throughout the anime as he goes on to complete his job of cleansing spirit.

9. Spirit Blade Mountain (Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage)

Spirit Blade Mountain (1)

This anime follows the story of Ouriku who in order to become the disciple of the Reikenzan clan and then a sage goes to take the examination organised by the said clan. But unknown to all the talented competitors who have participated in the competition, the leader of the clan is a very irresponsible and carefree kind of a person. This attitude of Oubou makes the examination very unpredictable and so much harder. Now we will have to find out whether Ouriku succeeds in his quest for becoming a sage.

8. Full-time Magister (Quanzhi Fashi)

Full-time Magister (Quanzhi Fashi

Here you will see the young character Mo Fan getting transported to a new world, which is quite similar to the boring one where he lives, but is not actually similar. In this world, magic has taken over the place of science, and the top students are taught magical spells and incantations to fight dangerous beasts that can be found there. He tries to join a magical school to thank his father for his hard work. Fan because of the humble background he gets mocked at school, but determined to achieve something in life Mo decides to work hard and in return, he becomes the strongest mage in the school who faces dangers each and every day of his life.

7. Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary (Ken en Ken: Aoki Kagayaki)

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary (Ken en Ken: Aoki Kagayaki)

Two sisters whose home was destroyed by a cruel emperor, and their childhood friend was enslaved by the same. One day one of them discovers a magical sword and the other finds a mysterious girl who might be more powerful than the villainous emperor. Now they will band together in order to form an army so that they can change the situation and remove the emperor from his place.

6. Battle Through the Heavens (Doupo Cangqiong)

Battle Through the Heavens (1)

The story revolves around land where no magic can be found. In this land, the strong are the decision-makers and the weak have to follow them. The mysterious land is filled with treasure and beauty but also with danger unknown to all. Xiao Yan is a very talented man who suddenly lost everything he had out of nowhere and no one knows what suddenly happened to Yan.

5. Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji)

Tales of Demons and Gods (1)Nie Ki though was so weak that he couldn’t protect his home when it needed, became the greatest demon spiritist out of sheer determination. However, he died when he went into war with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts. His soul then was brought back as a 13-year-old weak boy, but he decided to train very hard and fast with the help of the knowledge that he has gained in his previous life to become stronger. He also used this knowledge to train the people who died nobly in his previous life. He then decided to save his home from demons and an ill-fated ending. He also decided to stand against and take revenge on the so-called sacred family who decided to betray the city because of their arrogance, and incompetence.

4. Martial Universe (Wu Dong Qian Kun)

Martial Universe (Wu Dong Qian Kun)

The story begins with The Great Yan Empire, where earning respect only depended on the strength. Four great clans have always been at the head of all other clans of this empire. One of these clans, the Lin Clan banished one of their own members because of a certain incident. This individual left the clan and started his own family and waited in hopes of returning to it again in the near future. Lin Dong is our main character who at a very young age saw his talented father being crushed by Jin clan’s genius. After watching his family suffer because of only one man Dong is determined to take revenge no matter what stands in his way. With nothing but willpower as his weapon, Dong tries to begin his journey but stumbles upon a stone talisman on his way.

3. Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

A prestigious clan with their own set of rules which will not bend no matter who is related to it. Tang San faces the same consequences. He is one of the most prominent members of his clan who was predicted to have a very bright future by the sect leaders. However, he gives it all up to obtain the sect’s hidden lore. Now unveiling this hidden lore had a punishment – death. After obtaining the truth Tang is very pleased with his knowledge and is not afraid of death, and thus jumps from Hell’s Peak. We then see the life of a new Tang who took birth as a blacksmith’s son, and how he will try to go out in his conquest of becoming a Spirit Master.

2. The King’s Avatar (Quanzhi Gaoshou)

The King’s Avatar (1)

Ye Xiu is one of the best players who is out there playing the online game Glory. He has achieved a lot in his gaming career and is even referred to as the “Battle God” because of his exceptional skills. But he is suddenly forced to retire from his gaming career and this results in him getting a job at a local internet cafe. One day while working he comes across the fact that Glory has launched its 10th server, and couldn’t join himself but to join it with another name ‘Lord Grim’. Though he had a lot of experience but without a proper team, and sponsors and a very new version of his loved game he finds many difficulties along his path to become the greatest player again.

1. Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)

Mo Dao Zu Shi (1)

Well this anime acquires the first position and rightfully so. Adapted from the novel of the same name Mo Dao Zu Shi has a very unique plot. The story follows the lives of cultivators of four prominent sects and other smaller clans and how their members are always trying to outdo each other. Moreover, the most intriguing part is the adventurous romance between our two leads Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, both of whom happen to be boys. The very modern thought process in comparison to the ancient backdrop of China will make the story even more appealing. The involvement of dark magic in the plot and the sudden twists that take place in the lives of our very famous Yiling Patriarch will make you hold onto your seats. The wonderful quality of animation makes the characters look even more lively and the situations even more real.


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