Top 25 Cutest Anime Wolf And Dog Girls Of All Time

Top 25 Cutest Anime Wolf And Dog Girls Of All Time

One of the most endearing aspects of anime is the abundance of adorable furries and animal-human hybrids who live out the fantasy of possessing some of our animal friends’ best and cutest characteristics.

In any form of entertainment media, human-animal hybrids are a popular theme. It’s been that way for a long time. This is most likely due to our desire to believe in the fantastical. In anime, animal-human hybrids are a common theme. This category encompasses a wide range of characters from various anime series. So, why not take a look at some of the female versions of wolf-human and dog-human hybrids that can be found in anime?

Along with the adorable catgirls and fox girls, there are the very cool and cute wolf and dog girls with their beautiful tails and fluffy ears. Here are the 24 cutest anime wolf and dog girls!

1. Holo the Wise Wolf (Spice and Wolf)

Holo the Wise Wolf (Spice and Wolf)

Holo is a wolf harvest deity who hails from Yoitsu, a land in the north. She made a promise to men from the town of Pasloe that she would ensure the town’s wheat harvests would be good year after year. However, as time passed, the townspeople began to abandon Holo and no longer relied on her as much as they once did.

As a result, Holo flees town in Lawrence’s wagon and begins exploring the world with him to see how much it has changed since she was in Pasloe. Holo has assumed the appearance of a young girl, though she retains her large white-tipped wolf tail and ears. The true form of the goddess is that of a massive wolf, which is both revered and feared by many people.

“Wise Wolf of Yoitsu,” she calls herself. She is typically arrogant and self-sufficient, but her isolation in Pasloe for hundreds of years has caused her to become increasingly lonely, and she occasionally displays a more vulnerable side.

2. Yuki (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki)

Yuki (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki)

Yuki is Ame’s older sister and Hana and Wolf Man’s daughter. She can transform into a wolf, just like her father.

Yuki appears to be a normal teenage girl in her human form. Her long brown hair reaches the middle of her back, and she has brown eyes. As she grew older, her hair turned black. Yuki appears to be a normal wolf pup in her wolf form. Her fur is slightly darker in color than her skin. Her hair lightens in color but maintains the same style.

Yuki was a bouncy, happy-go-lucky child. She was a daring young lady who enjoyed exploring the outside world, running around, and chasing small prey.

Her energetic nature waned as she grew older, giving way to more calm and mature behavior, thanks to a promise she made to her mother not to transform into a wolf in public, which allowed her human side to flourish.

3. Ai (Dragon Crisis)

Ai (Dragon Crisis)

She is 15 years old and a well-known Lost Precious thief known as Odd Eye due to her single golden eye. She has a blue left eye and a golden right eye. She is a thief who can transform into a half-wolf thanks to a tattoo on her arm.

Her tattoo, which allows her to transform into a half-wolf, is actually a lost precious. Furumori, Ai’s Master, placed it in her as a test of combining a person and a lost precious. Furumori abducted her from her home and told her that her family had died and that she had been born a half-wolf.

Ryuuji saves her from a life of thievery, which is a good thing in the long run, but there’s something awesome and cute about a wolf-eared outlaw girl with heterochromia, so she gets bonus cuteness points.

4. Eruruu (Utawarerumono)

Eruruu (Utawarerumono)

She is the sister of Aruruu and Hakuowlo’s main love interest. She was the one who found Hakuowlo and brought him back to life at the start of the series. Her name comes from the Eruruu Flower, which only appears in the story.

Eruruu is a young woman with wolf ears and a tail who is quite attractive. She has dark grey hair, pale skin, and large brown eyes. Her height is considerably shorter than Hakuowlo’s, so she is short for her age. Because of her small breast size, she is often taunted.

Eruruu is a determined and emphatic individual who puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does. Her personality could be described as assertive but caring. She is a caring individual who enjoys assisting others and despises seeing people suffer. Eruruu is protective of her younger sister, Aruruu, and frequently scolds and/or worries about her.

5. Mashiro Mito (Tayutama: Kiss on My Deity)

Mashiro Mito (Tayutama Kiss on My Deity)

Mashiro is a Tayutai girl who is the goddess Kikuramikami no Hime’s materialization. She falls in love with Yuuri almost immediately after being left in his care, and she wishes to marry him. She has a deep understanding of spiritual forces and aspires to create a world in which humans and Tayutai can coexist peacefully.

Because of her fondness for marshmallows, Yuuri gave her the name Mashiro. Mashiro is a teen with purple eyes and brown hair that extends past her waist, as well as wolf ears and a tail.

Apart from her big moe eyes and wolfy fluff, what makes her so adorable? She falls in love with Yuuri, to the point where she claims to be his wife, in addition to wishing for mutual harmony between humans and Tayutai. It doesn’t get much cuter than a wolf girl pining after your love.

6. Yonaga (Luger Code 1951)

Yonaga (Luger Code 1951)

Yonaga comes from a little-known, single-episode ONA, but when it comes to being a mix of cute and fierce, she nails it.

Yonaga is a werewolf who is female. She is, however, only 16 years old. She has the appearance of a human, but she has European Gray Wolf ears and a tail. She can’t fully transform into a werewolf with fangs, but she appears to have some strange abilities.

She begins by expressing her disdain for humanity in general, claiming that they will not be satisfied until all werewolves have died. Ironically, she is unconcerned about other werewolves and has stated that she is unconcerned about the war. She’s someone who should be approached with caution.

She, like the rest of her kin, is dripping with supernatural mystery, even though werewolves in this world no longer fully transform. With her fluffy ears and tail, she’s still quite adorable.

7. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti (Dog Days)

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti (Dog Days)

Millhiore Firianno Biscotti is a 14-year-old Princess and the Biscotti Republic’s representative suzerain. She has a gentle and hardworking personality. Millhiore is the owner of one of the Divine Swords pair, Excelide, and is the one who summoned Cinque to Flonyard in the first place by sending Tatsumaki to open up a portal on Earth while Cinque attempted to jump off some heights in school.

Millhiore is an Italian word that means “thousand flowers.” In terms of the series’ naming conventions, it is most likely named after mille-feuille, a popular French pastry known as Napoleon. Biscotti, her last name, is an Italian word that means “biscuit.”

Millhiore has long pink hair and purple eyes, and she is a lovely young lady. She also has pink dog ears and a tail, and she dresses royally.

She is adored by everyone in the country as the nation’s representative leader. Despite her status, she is also a singer who performs at events and concerts and appears in person in front of the public.

8. Inukai (Flying Witch)

Inukai (Flying Witch)

Inukai is a witch from Akita who is also Akane’s friend and specializes in fortune-telling. She became an anthropomorphic dog after a night of heavy drinking and eating Akane’s chocolates that turn people into animals. She has the face, ears, and tail of a dog, as well as furry skin, and returns to her human form at night because the chocolates didn’t work properly.

She’s been looking for a way to contact Akane for a year, hoping to find a cure that will permanently restore her to human form. Because of her half-animal appearance, she wears a cloak that covers her face and body to avoid drawing attention to herself because of herself. She has a hamster companion named Al.

Inukai is a woman in her early to mid-twenties, with furry, doglike, brown, and tan skin in her dog form. She reverts to her original human form at night. In her human form, Inukai has brown hair and eyes, as well as pale skin.

Inukai is usually pleasant, but he can become irritated quickly.

9. Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Zakuro Fujiwara is a character in Tokyo Mew Mew who is one of the story’s main heroines. She is the fifth Mew Mew to be introduced, and her DNA is merged with that of a grey wolf.

Among the Mew Mews, Zakuro is the tallest and a professional model. Zakuro’s eyes are indigo, and her hair is violet. In her Mew Mew form, Zakuro has a pair of adorable purple wolf ears and a wolf’s tail. Her Mew Mark consists of two wolf tails around her navel.

Throughout the Tokyo Mew Mew series, Zakuro is portrayed as a self-assured, independent, and mature character; she is portrayed as the group’s mature, older-sister-like figure, offering advice and frequently appearing to save the younger girls just in time.

She prefers to work alone because she refused to join the other Mew Mews at first. Zakuro is also shown to be extremely intelligent, despite the fact that she frequently hides her knowledge.

10. Ashlynn (Log Horizon)

Ashlynn (Log Horizon)

Ashlynn is a Crescent Moon Alliance member and a Wolf Fang Enchanter. When the Catastrophe struck, she was a complete novice who had just completed the Elder Tale tutorial. Ashlynn was trapped on top of a building at the time, where she met Marielle and Henrietta, who comforted her and invited her to join their guild.

She appears to be a lovely young woman in her middle school years. She wears a variety of outfits throughout her appearances, as she has quickly become one of Henrietta’s dress-up dolls.

Ashlynn establishes herself as the group’s cutest puppy. With her little ears and adorable dresses, this character is always eager to help, even in the smallest of ways.

Unlike Akatsuki, she doesn’t seem to mind being used as one of Henrietta’s dress-up dolls and even helps Henrietta dress up the Assassin. Her ears perk up whenever she is excited.

11. Minna-Dietlinde “Fürstin” Wilcke (Strike Witches)

Minna-Dietlinde “Fürstin” Wilcke (Strike Witches)

Minna Dietlinde Wilcke is a veteran Witch from Karlsland’s 501st Joint Fighter Wing, which is part of the Karlsland Air Force. She became known as the Ace of Spades, though some people refer to her as Fürstin, which means ‘Princess.’ Pik-Ass is her call sign.

Minna’s wolfish side only comes out in battle, where she sprouts ears and a tail before leaping into the fray.

She excels at leading operations and squad management, and rather than pursuing her own personal military goals; she concentrates on the squad’s overall military performance. Additionally, she has a tendency to look out for her subordinates, giving her a motherly appearance to some.

Minna possesses an elegant and graceful demeanor, perhaps because she comes from a family that has produced musicians for generations. She is rarely enraged, but she has the courage to stand firm in the face of unreasonableness, regardless of who the adversary is.

12. Luna Tsukuyomi (Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou)

Luna Tsukuyomi (Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou)

Tsukuyomi Luna is a 12-year-old girl with the ability to manipulate the Elemental Tarot cards. She wields the Moon’s power.

Her hair is long and green. Her eyes are yellow. She usually dresses in a dark green gown. She also has yellow wolf ears when she uses her abilities. Green is her favorite color.

Luna is a shy, quiet young lady who prefers to be alone. Luna was said to be the odd woman out in her group before Akari arrived. She tried to make friends with Akari, the new girl, right away. She develops feelings for the Sun Tarot card user quickly but finds it difficult to express them. Luna has an envious side, despite her kindness.

When she is possessed by jealousy, she becomes vulnerable enough to her and her friends’ enemies to transform her into a werewolf known as “daemonia,” a killer. Fortunately for her, the most valuable thing she has helps her overcome her jealousy and return to normalcy, and that thing is friendship.

13. Arf (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Arf (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Arf is FateTestarossa’s wolf-woman-like familiar, whom she is sworn to protect, and who is a mage on the lookout for the seeds because her mother desires them. Her dislike for Precia is reciprocal, but she is powerless to protect Fate from her mother. Arf, however, takes her rage out on her enemies. She treats Fate with kindness and is protective of her.

Arf has the ability to shapeshift as a familiar. She can shapeshift as a human in Uminari City, and her two main forms are a wolf-like giant dog and its humanoid dog-woman form. Arf’s humanoid Barrier Jacket is a white top, pink shorts, a black cape, red garters, and black shoes, inspired by Fate’s own outfit.

Arf fights primarily with her hands as a human or with her fangs and claws as a giant dog/wolf, but she also has some shooting and supportive spells. Arf, as a familiar, has the ability to cast all of Fate’s spells.

14. Riza Wildman (Kaibutsu Oujo)

Riza Wildman (Kaibutsu Oujo)

A half-breed girl with a human mother and a werewolf father named Volg Wildman. She initially believes Hime murdered her older brother, but after learning the truth about what happened that night, she reconciles with Hime. She stays with Hime in order to figure out who in the Royalty instigated her brother’s murder.

She can only transform her arms up to her elbow and her ears while keeping her human ears, and her combat abilities can’t compare to those of a pure breed, despite being physically much stronger than a normal human. Her werewolf blood also gives her enhanced hearing and smell senses.

Princess is a year older than Riza, who is 16 years old. She has short, bright red hair and the pure breed werewolf’s golden eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned. Her canines are sharp, though not as prominent as a vampire’s fangs.

She is a rash, irritable, tomboyish, headstrong, tough, flirtatious, carless, and physically active girl.

15. Lupusregina Beta (Overlord)

Lupusregina Beta (Overlord)

Lupusregina Beta is a werewolf battle maid who belongs to the “Pleiades Six Stars,” the Great Tomb of Nazarick’s battle maid squad. Mekongawa, the Beast King, created her.

Lupusregina Beta is a brown-skinned beauty with an athletic appearance and two long braids in her red hair. She’s dressed in a maid uniform with short sleeves and long black gloves, as well as a skirt with a slit that reveals thigh-high white stockings. She wields an imposing black and silver scepter, which she carries across her back.

Lupusregina Beta has a bright, outgoing personality, but she also knows how to act like a perfect lady. She is sociable and approachable to humans. This, however, is just a mask to hide her vicious and cunning personality. She also enjoys making lewd jokes at the expense of others, such as Enri.

Lupusregina loves to startle people, so she frequently uses her ‘Complete Invisibility’ spell to appear behind someone’s back without being noticed.

16. Ayame (InuYasha)

Ayame (InuYasha)

Ayame is an Inuyasha character who only appears in the anime. She is a female wolf demon who is Koga’s fiancée and eventual wife, as well as the granddaughter of the Northern Wolf Demon tribe’s elder.

She has red hair that is always pulled back into two ponytails, each with an iris, green eyes, and white wolf fur draped across her shoulders.

Ayame got lost in the forest as a young girl and was attacked and pursued by Birds of Paradise. She was rescued by Koga, who promised to marry her when she grew older and returned from the Northern Mountains.

However, when Ayame returns from the Northern Mountains, Koga appears to have forgotten about the promise, leaving Ayame heartbroken. She is even more enraged when she learns that he has fallen in love with Kagome Higurashi, as she had previously believed he was above falling in love with a mortal. Despite this, she is still determined to see that he keeps his word, which he does.

17. Bianca (Whitney) (Doubutsu no Mori)

Bianca (Whitney) (Doubutsu no Mori)

Bianca isn’t your typical fox girl, in which we usually see a sultry female human with wolf-like features. Bianca is a wolf-girl who resembles a wolf more than a human girl. She is usually dressed in a kimono. Bianca appears in the anime film Doubutsu no Mori as one of the main characters.

The anime is quite enjoyable, and nothing too serious occurs during the course of the film. The anime’s protagonist, AI, moves and settles in an animal village.

Bianca is a beautiful white female wolf who appears to admire Apollo. She has a strong desire to be ladylike. Throughout the film, it is implied that she and Apollo were once lovers.

Bianca has lavender eyes and is an arctic wolf. By her tuft of hair, she has grey eyebrows. She has a long and spiky at the tip tail, and her nose is light brown. Her top-right ear is also adorned with a dazzler cosmos flower.

18. Blue (Wolf’s Rain)

Blue (Wolf's Rain)

Blue was a wolf-dog hybrid with a dark blue-black coat. Blue was introduced as Quent Yaiden’s pet and aide in the hunt for wolves, believing, like her master, that wolves were responsible for the destruction of her home and the deaths of her family.

She lived her entire life as a pet dog, completely oblivious to her wolf heritage. Her wolf blood was reawakened after meeting Cheza, and she was no longer able to hunt down members of her own species. She decided to join Kiba’s group in their quest for Paradise.

Blue was an olive-skinned woman with unkempt black hair, sharp blue eyes, and red lips when she was a human. Blue was a wolf-dog with dark-blue fur, as her name suggested. Her wolf features are prominent, but she is leaner than most wolves and has bright blue eyes like a husky.

Blue had spent her entire life with humans and was extremely fond of and attached to them. She was completely devoted and obedient to Quent Yaiden, and she never hesitated to carry out his orders.

19. Liru (Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan)

Liru (Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan)

The audience is informed that Liru is a werewolf who despises silver. She is lycanthropic, like all werewolves, and her wolf form resembles a yellow puppy.

When Liru sees a full moon-shaped object, she immediately transforms into her lycan form, which is a minor recurring theme in the episodes. But, strangely enough, she can protect herself from the effects of the real moon. Liru is one of four other girls, each of whom is unique and possesses superhuman abilities.

In her normal form, Liru is a werewolf with wolf-like ears and tail. Her blonde hair and brown skin make her quite attractive. Liru has an outgoing personality and animal characteristics, such as the ability to leap long distances with little effort, as well as increased strength, speed, stamina, and senses.

Liru, as a werewolf, enjoys eating all types of meat, but her favorite is Andouille Sausage.

20. Nozomu Ezomori (Kanokon)

Nozomu Ezomori (Kanokon)

One of the main characters in the Kanokon series is Nozomu Ezomori. Nozomu is a wolf deity who also happens to be a first-year student at Kouta’s school.

Her hair is silvery grey, and her eyes are dark blue. Except for her short grey tail that is pointed upwards and grey wolf ears, she looks exactly the same in her wolf spirit form.

Saku, her older brother, is her only sibling. She adores Kouta and competes with Chizuru for Kouta’s affections. While she can’t compete with her in terms of breast size, Nozomu does make a reference to her brother’s pornographic magazines, which include topics like sadomasochism and cosplay. She lives alone in a luxurious penthouse apartment. When it comes to food, she is a true glutton.

Nozomu appears emotionless and detached, but she is deeply in love with Kouta and can show signs of emotion. She is, however, not particularly bright.

21. Polt (Daily Life With A Monster Girl)

Polt (Daily Life With A Monster Girl)

Polt is a Kobold who has taken on the appearance of a wolf. She runs the extra-species health spa, Sports Club Kobold, and the Kobold Stadium, as well as the extra-species health spa. She is also known to assist Smith by keeping an eye on extraspecies who are on probation for breaking the law.

She appears to be an almost human woman with a wolfish nose, tail, and ears, as well as being covered in fur, as do all Kobolds. Her body is athletic, as befitting her profession, with muscular arms and legs and a trim abdomen. Her breasts, while still large and well-endowed, are of a more “normal” size when compared to the larger breasts of other characters.

Her personality is very hyper and chipper, like most stereotypical workout coaches, and is willing to help anyone succeed in their exercise routine. She is always upbeat and optimistic, and she enjoys assisting others with their workouts.

Polt appears to have a general desire to help others, as evidenced by her constant desire to adapt her gym to the unique needs of the various Liminals.

22. Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High: Kowai-ke Girls)

Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High Kowai-ke Girls)

It’s nothing new for toy lines to get anime adaptations. Monster High became popular in Japan at some point and was turned into a skit-based anime.

Clawdeen is a werewolf who attends Monster High and comes from a family with a large number of children. A skilled fashion designer, she is eager to make a name for herself.

Clawdeen is a fashionista with long auburn voluminous hair, yellow-golden eyes with black, small slit pupils, long black thick eyelashes, dark purple eyeshadow, and fashionista clothing. She has four piercings, with two in each ear.

Clawdeen is self-assured, vivacious, and fearless. In addition to being loyal to family and friends, she is fiercely protective of them, but when her loyalty is threatened, she can become enraged. Growing up in a large family, she has mostly had to rely on herself, which has given her a streak of resourcefulness.

Clawdeen Wolf’s characterization is largely based on the original source material.

23. Choco Otsuka (Uchitama?! Have you seen my tama?)

Choco Otsuka (Uchitama! Have you seen my tama)

There was a short anime series in the late 1980s about a cute cat named Tama and his friends.

It was so popular that it received numerous reruns, translations, and more reruns. In 2017, someone decided to turn all of the animals into humans in a spin-off series called ‘Uchitama?! Have You Seen My Tama?’

Compared to the original series, this one features a much larger cast and more mature plot elements – the original series was geared toward younger audiences – and it is slightly more exciting because everything is now human.

Choco Otsuka is a dog from Seventh Street who is a member of the Seventh Street Young Kings, a rival dog gang to the Third Street Cats. Choco, despite being a minor character, is one of the most feisty and adorable characters.

24. Shiba Inuko (Shiba Inuko-san)

Shiba Inuko (Shiba Inuko-san)

Shibainuko-san is a fourteen-year-old girl who resembles a Shiba Inu dog. Ishibashi Chako, one of her classmates, is perplexed by her appearance, but no one else is. They go about their daily lives and school with their third friend Naho, encountering some dog-related issues along the way.

Join Chako and her best friend Naho on a series of small-scale misadventures with their strange classmate, who might or might not be a dog.

Shiba Inuko-san would be a typical middle school student, good-natured and well-behaved if she didn’t have a dog’s appearance. No one seems to notice the oddity, and she herself goes about her business as usual, not even noticing that she has a tail. Shiba Inuko-san is adored by all because she is polite, well-intentioned, and has the demeanor of both a dog and a human.


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