Top 35 Cutest Lolis In Anime Of All Time – 2022

Top 35 Cutest Lolis In Anime Of All Time - 2020

Last Updated: April 07, 2022

Japan provides a very immersive view of the various subcultures that are represented in the Japanese media. This is where the role of lolis comes to play.

The concept of lolis refers to the Japanese cultural discourse of cute young girls, with a blend of certain erotic and sexual characteristics. The loli culture is popularised in various Japanese media, such as manga and anime. The lolis are shown to have cute faces, with big and adorable eyes and a short frame, in order to highlight their ages and youthfulness. The term ‘loli’ originally refers to a girl,  who is young and has an elementary school background.

A loli has certain defining characteristics. For instance, they are often fixated on the more youthful and exuberant aspects of life. However, this is all the more highlighted in the innocent and childlike mannerisms of their actions. This shows us an important aspect of their personalities – the mind of a young child.

Specifically, lolis embody the physiological aspects of their characters more than their psychological side. This is done to focus on the mental impulses of an individual, who showcases certain behaviors in order to become involved in a relationship. Here is a list of top 35 cutest lolis in anime of all time.

1. Aihara Enju

Anime: Black Bullet

Aihara Enju

Aihara Enju, aged 10, is the deuteragonist of the anime Black Bullet. She is a lively girl, with an interest in making friends. She is also a brave and courageous kid, who would do anything to protect the people who are dear to her.

This is proven to be true when she battled the Gastrea parasite in order to save the kids at school, even though they treated her badly after finding out that she is a “cursed child.” She is a small girl but has very prominent features. She has two ponytails that go to the length of her knees. Her eyes are red, with the pupils being black and small.

2. Shiro

Anime: No Game No Life


A master of Chess, Shiro is known for her high-level genius intellect. She has difficulty understanding human emotions and thus relies a lot on Sora. Shiro is a polyglot and can speak 18 languages. She barely shows any emotions and speaks in the third person, with short and terse sentences.

Shiro is 11 years old and has long messy hair. Her hair has tinges of purple, green, blue and pink on white. She is of average height and has pale skin. Her go-to uniform includes an oversized sailor costume with stockings that goes up to the thighs and has a rather slim figure.

3. Aisaka Taiga

Anime: Toradora!

Aisaka Taiga

Aisaka Taiga is the main character of the anime Toradora! She is snappy and has a short stature. Due to her snappy nature, she is bequeathed with the nickname Palmtop Tiger. She is a subject of various mood swings and is shown to be emotionally unstable.

Due to her emotional impact on her mindset, she makes decisions based on her emotions. She defies the bipolar stereotype of not showing true character development by her steady but slow progress into a kind and sweet demeanour. Taiga has light brown hair that is curly and long. She normally wears her school uniform and long coats.

4. Hasegawa Kobato

Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi

Hasegawa Kobato

Hasegawa Kobato is a tritagonist in the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. She is the younger sister of Hasegawa Kodaka. She is very close to her brother, to the point that she gets clingy and also jealous if her brother Kodaka shows any kind of attention to anybody else. This results in the feeling of a brother complex in Kobato.

This is also the reason why she gets into fights with Maria as she is not pleased with the brotherly affection that Kodaka shows to Maria. She is supposed to look like her mother and has long flowy hair with two horse tails on either side of her head and also wears a red lens on her right eye.

5. Toujou Koneko

Anime: High School DxD

Toujou Koneko

Toujou Koneko is one of the main characters in the anime series High School DxD. She is a high school student at Kuoh Academy and is also a member of the Occult Research Club. She is also a Nekoshou, which is a very rare species of Nekomata. Koneko is Kuroka’s younger sister and one of Issei’s fiancees.

She is a short and petite girl, with golden eyes and white hair arranged in loose bangs on her forehead, rest of her hair flows past her neck and shoulders. She has a clip in the shape of a black cat to keep her hair in place and it also acts as a device to make new Super Devils.

6. Yoshino

Anime: Date a Live


Yoshino Himekawa is the second spirit saved by Shido. She has a puppet named Yoshinon, who is considered a hero and her best friend. Yoshino looks pretty young for a 14 years old girl. She has long and curly hair – blue in colour – and a pair of blue eyes.

She wears a short white dress with a large and green raincoat and has her puppet – hero and best friend – Yoshinon in her left hand. When her Spirit got sealed, she changed her attire a bit and started wearing a one-piece dress with a sun hat, which was given by Reine.

7. Kafuu Chino

Anime: Is the Order a Rabbit?

Kafuu Chino

Kafuu Chino is a protagonist in the anime series Is the Order a Rabbit? Chino is shown to have long hair that is periwinkle in colour and relaxed blue eyes. She is shown to be the shortest character in the main cast.

Her uniform is a shade of blue – including a long ankle length black skirt and a white blouse with a waistcoat and a bow tie. She is known to wear her iconic Mary Jane shoes. The uniform she wears in school is royal blue in colour and fairly resembles a sailor’s ensemble. Chino displays more maturity than age here and is the most organised member of the Cafe.

8. Noel

Anime: Sora No Method


Noel is the protagonist in the anime Sora No Method series. She is shown as a blue haired girl and has a pair of blue eyes. Her outfit usually consists of a simple combination of black and white outfit, along with two black ribbons that are used to tie her hair.

Noel is a lover of all things and is pretty optimistic, even in dark and dire situations. She is a very determined girl, who would not stop once she gets her eyes set on something and does her very best to achieve it. She is also shown to be very clumsy, which is imperative from her nature of breaking things and falling down at times.

9. Takanashi Rikka

Anime: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shita!

Takanashi Rikka

Takanashi Rikka is one of the protagonists in the Japanese anime Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! series. Rikka is a high school student that practices chunibyo. She enrolls into the same high school as Togashi Yuuta. However, unlike Yuuta, she is yet to get over her 14 years old syndrome.

She believes that she is a sorceress that can one day reveal people’s destinies. She has a tyrant eye, which she covers by wearing an eye patch. Anybody who saw her tyrant eye is forced to sign a contract with her. She moved in with her sister, Takanashi Touka, who stays right above Yuuta’s apartment.

10. Oshino Sinobu

Anime: Bakemonogatari

Oshino Sinobu

Oshino Sinobu was a human child princess who was cursed with the ability to kill anyone near her. She meets a vampire once and then gets turned by him into a vampire. After that she took the form of an eight years old girl and lost most of her powers. She is the protagonist in the series.

Sinobu is shown as a girl with pointy ears, sharp fangs, long blonde hair and a pair of yellow eyes.she normally changes her outfit depending on the powers she displays at that particular time. However, as a form of an eight years old, she wears a loose dress and a pair of sandals, along with an aviator hat.

11. Hibiki

Anime: Street Fighter


Hibiki acts as a stoic person and is a russophile. She was built for the Japanese navy during the interwar period. After the war, she was traded with the Soviet Union and renamed Verniy. She can speak appropriate Russian in her dialogue and is remodelled into a post-war appearance. She also got the nickname Phoenix as she has survived many damages a number of times during the war and only seems to have emerged stronger.

Hibiki is an Akatsuki-class and wears a blue and white serafuku as her uniform, along with some kind of legwear. She has long and white hair and wears a hat.

12. Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko

Anime: The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat

Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko

Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko is the protagonist of The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat anime. She has small features and is sometimes mistaken as an elementary school kid. She has a fair skin, with slender shoulders and a small nose.

Tsukiko has bangs and a part of her hair is tied to the left. She wears her school uniform most of the time and it consists of a white shirt with a yellow ribbon on the collar and a tartan red skirt, with black socks and light brown shoes. When she is outside her school, she abandons her uniform and is seen to wear Lolita-style outfits.

13. Itsuka Kotori

Anime: Date A Live

Itsuka Kotori

Itsuka Kotori is one of the central female characters of the anime ‘Date A Live’. She is Shido’s Adopted sister and a middle school student. She is a commander of a secret organisation namely ‘Ratatoskr’. Some unknown being Sealed Kotori’s power and turned her into a spirit.

Kotori is cute with red eyes, twintell coral hair and school uniform. Her personality changes with her ribbon colour. When she wears black ribbon she becomes strong enough to command the airship named Fraxinus. In her spirit form, she has the same personality. If she stays as a spirit long she becomes merciless. In both forms she never forgets her personality.

14. Illyasviel “Illya’ Von Einzbern

Anime: Fate/ kaleid liner

Illyasviel “Illya’ Von Einzbern

Illyasviel Von Einzbern is the central character of Fate/ kaleid liner. She is a caster-class servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru. Illya has a different personality from her Fate/ stay night counterpart. She was directly born to be a part of Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

She has crimson eyes and long white hair, and wears casual outfits and school uniform. In her Zwei form, she wears a purplish dress with cosmic wings. She shows a cheerful, shy and innocent persona in the beginning. She has some secret feelings for her brother Shirou. As the series develops Illya matures as a strong character.

15. Yazawa Nico

Anime: Love Live! School Idol Project

Yazawa Nico

Nico is one of the cutest characters from ‘Love Live! School Idol Project’. Nico is a fashionista studying in third-year. She dreams to be an idol and works tirelessly to be one. Her childlike appearance makes her adorable.

She has red and black hair arranged in a ponytail. She has an idol persona and extremely cares for people near her. She is a constant attention seeker as she does a unique pose with the catchphrase ‘Nico Nico Ni’. Though she is quite aggressive and has a high standard, she often shows a happy side. This spotlight-lover gets jealous when Eli Ayase takes away being praised for beauty and maturity.

16. Konjiki no Yami

Anime: To Love-Ru

Konjiki no Yami

Konjiki no Yami is a protagonist of the anime series ‘To Love-Ru’ and ‘To Love-Ru Darkness’. She is an assassin appointed by Lacospo to kill Yuuki Rito. As she spends time on earth, she develops a feeling for Rito and befriends Rico’s elder sister Yuuki Mikan. In the second series she is the central character.

Yami is given a child-like figure with blonde hair. She has a signature style of wearing all-black outfit. She is seen as heartless but her actual nature is kind. She only attacks once she gets hurt. At the end, she comes out powerful as she fights with Kuro to save Rito, her love.

17. Tachibana Kanade

Anime: Angel Beats

Tachibana Kanade

Tachibana Kanade is the student council president at the afterlife school, from the anime series ‘Angel Beats’. Though she is a human, Hinata and Yuri prefer to call her ‘Tenshi’ meaning angel.

She looks like a middle-school girl, with long-silvery hair and yellow eyes. She is one of the shortest characters with a cute appearance. As she lacks emotional expression, it’s difficult to get a glimpse of her thoughts. With time, she becomes a bit more expressive with Otonashi. She saves him from the River monster. Otonashi calls her ‘clumsy angel’. She shows a greater endurance of pain as she keeps an expressionless attitude when she is shot by SSS.

18. Terminus Est

Anime: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

Terminus Est

Terminus Est is a powerful sword spirit from the anime series ‘Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance’. She has a human form and can take the form of a one-handed long sword named Terminus Est. She is also capable of developing a two-handed long sword named ‘Devil Slayer’.

In her human form she is a cute girl with purple eyes, an expressionless face, white skin and white hair. In elemental waffe she transforms into a white sword with a sharp blade. As a sword she has the power to destroy all curses and she is used by Areisha Idriss to kill demon king Solomon.

19. Izumi Konata

Anime: Lucky Star

Izumi Konata

Izumi Konata, the leader of Lucky Star crew, is one of the protagonists of the anime ‘Lucky Star’. This eccentric and friendly girl is called “Kona-chan” by Tsukasa Hiiragi. Izumi is the shortest of all the Lucky Star characters and has a child-like body.

She has green eyes and blue hair. Konata is good-natured and intelligent but she is often sarcastic and lazy. She is an anime lover and stays away from the club activities not to miss any anime. She teases her friends and prefers to have fun with that. She is quite uneasy with her grades as studies only a night before the test.

20. Shana

Anime: Shakugan no Shana


Shana is the central character of the anime series ‘Shakugan no Shana’. She is a Flame Haze referred as “Flame-haired Burning-eyed Hunter”. She has black long hair that changes its colour to fiery crimson. She looks pretty with her dark brown Iris.

In her initial years as a flame haze she wears all-black attire and has a cold-uncaring attitude. She mostly concentrates on her work as a Flame Haze. Shana is more interested in preserving the balance of the world even at the cost of sacrificing human lives. As a trainer Shana is extremely strict. Also, Shana secretly likes Yuji but does not admit it.

21. Stiguna Yurie

Anime: Absolute Duo

Stiguna Yurie

Stiguna Yurie, the princess from the European country Gimlé, is the central protagonist of the anime series the ‘Absolute Duo’. She comes to Japan to train herself so that she can avenge her father’s death.

Yurie looks like a doll with long silver hair and pale skin. Though Yurie is graceful in nature, she is a girl with reserved personality. She is kind, calm and her strong character outshines. Her shy nature adds a mysterious aura to her and she definitely is unaware of her beauty.

22. Wendy Marvell

Anime: Fairy Pirates

Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell is a first generation Dragon slayer from the anime series ‘Fairy Pirates’. She is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild and a member of Team Natsu. She is a short and cute young girl with fair skin, brown eyes, and dark blue hair. She is seen wearing a green sleeveless dress. Wendy is polite and shy in nature.

She loves to make friends and knows how to nurture a companionship.  At the beginning of the series she is portrayed as a character who doubts her ability a lot. With time, she has emerged as a powerful character. Wendy unconditionally loves her Guild members and fights for them without any hesitation.

23. Sprout Tina

Anime: Black Bullet

Sprout Tina

Tina Sprout is a model initiator from the anime series ‘Black Bullet’. She works for Tendo Civil Security Corporation. Tina is ten year old and has a cute petite body. She has short platinum blonde hair. When she goes for assassination she wears a black and green dress.

At the beginning, her nature is quite similar to that of a child. When she is bullied by some people, Renataro scares them away. This incident makes her think that Rentaro is a superhero.  She forces herself to stay awake with caffeine tablets because she is a nocturnal initiator. Later when she is taken by Kisara she gets accustomed to daylight and gets back to her original childish nature.

24. Yuuki Mikan

Anime: To Love Ru

Yuuki Mikan

Yuuki Mikan is Rito’s twelve year old sister from the anime series ‘To Love Ru’. She is independent and responsible. She takes care of the house when the parents are away. She is more matured compared to her brother and she leaves no chance to tease him. Mikan is cute with gold-brown eyes and brown hair. She is definitely a reliable character in spite of her young age. She plays mother-wide-older sister to Rito and takes care of the household chores.

Just like a mother, she often tries to keep Rito away from perverted girls. Mikan goes well with characters like Yami, Kujo Rin because of their matured personality. She is the youngest character of the anime but behaves like the most organized one.

25. Kanzaki Aria

Anime: Hidan no Aria

Kanzaki Aria

Kanzaki Aria aka Sherlock Holmes IV, a female transfer student of Butei High School, is the main protagonist of this anime series Hidan no Aria. She is seen to have pink hair tied in two pigtails and red eyes. It is the effect of a Hidan bullet embedded in her.

She is an outspoken person but at the same time immature. She herself is her priority all the time. The assault department Butei wants to recruit Kinji as her partner, as she falls for him after their encounter while defeating the IU. She declares him as her slave but she fears to confess her feelings for him.

26. Shimakaze

Anime: Kantai collection


Shimakaze is one of the girl characters from Kantai Collection, also known as KanColle. She is a destroyer from the fleet girls’ collection. She is dressed in a sleeveless serafuku with gold buttons and a very short skirt. She has long blonde hair and wears a headband similar to that of bunny ears.

She has no sister ship and was first carried by the fourth ship of the Minekaze class in 1920. She is absent-minded but is hyperactive in nature. Shimakaze is proud of her speed as she is one of the fastest among her fleet.

27. Gokou Ruri

Anime: Oreimo

Gokou Ruri

Gokou Ruri is one of the cutest looking supporting characters of Oreimo. She is a part of the Otaku group named Otaku Girls unite under the nickname Kuroneko which means black cat. She has straight black hair with blue-grey eyes. Her sleepy eyes look pretty with the birthmark she has under her left eye.

She wears a white frilly dress paired with a black shirt having cross-shaped designs. As an Otaku, she is boastful about her abilities but feels awkward while talking to people. Otherwise, she is a caring sister and shows incredible mastery with household chores, tending the siblings, sewing, etc.

28. Amatsukaze

Anime: Kantai Collection


Amatsukaze is a Kagerou Class destroyer from KanColl or Kantai Collection. She is one of the six destroyers along with Shimakaze, Teruzuki, Akizuki, Hatsuzuki and Suzutsuki. She appears to be cute at the very first glance. She has brownish-yellow eyes with long silver hair. She wears a black buttoned short slightly see-through dress with frilled underwear.

She carries a waist-mounted quadruple torpedo mount on her back. Amatsukaze may come across as an archetypal tsundere. She is extremely affectionate towards Shimakaze as we can see from her dialogues. Her relationship with Shimakaze is most probably based on the fact that her real-life counterpart was a prototype for Shimakaze.

29. Tatsumaki

Anime: One Punch Man


Tatsumaki is one of the most powerful heroes of the Hero Associations. She is the elder sister as well as the teacher of Fubuki. The duo of Tatsumaki and her sister are known as Psychic Sisters. People get to know about her real strength as she plays toe-to-toe with Saitama.

She has a petite body and emerald green eyes and curly green hair. Tatsumaki wears a full sleeve black dress and low-heeled black shoes. She is fickle-minded and impatient and often shows disregard for most of the people she meets. Tatsumaki is extremely confident and considers the act of heroism as her job.

30. Akatsuki

Anime: Kantai Collection


Akatsuki is the Fubuki class destroyer and one of the fleet girls from Kantai Collection.. Though because of her appearance, she may be considered as a cute girl she emphasises the fact that everyone must treat her as a lady.

She wears a white and dark blue serafuku combined with black legwear. Akatsuki has long black hair and wears a flat cap. She is a strong-willed girl and wears two plates of armour and combat gear. Akatsuki doesn’t like to be treated as a child and properly behaves like a lady. This makes her look more of a child and is continuously teased for this.

31. Victorique De Blois

Anime: Gosick

Victorique De Blois

Victoria is a fifteen-year-old girl from Saint Marguerita Academy and is studious in nature as she is seen spending most of her time in the library. She appears to be a mystery that Kazuyo Kujo decides to uncover as he falls for her.

Victoria looks like a porcelain doll with blonde hair and emerald eyes. She articulates her voice to sound like a mature woman though, in reality, she is an immature, stubborn teen. She is an example of a classic tsundere. Though she is sharp-tongued her enigma manipulates people easily, to work on her command. We get an occasional glimpse of her sweet child-like personality hidden beneath the garb of a mature woman.

32. Kaname Madoka

Anime: The Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kaname Madoka

Kaname Madoka is the title character and main protagonist of this anime series. She is a cute 14-year-old with beautiful pink eyes and pink twin tails. Normally she is seen wearing a school uniform.

As a magical girl, she wears a pink dress paired with dark pink heels. She is caring and shy. Her friendly attitude surfaces for her relationship with her friends. She becomes more confident as she receives magical powers. She is kind and considerate towards everyone. Though in the manga’s past timeline it is seen that Madoka is more like a risk-taker while Homura is a shy one. In the anime, they seem to have exchanged their personality.

33. Nakano Azusa

Anime: K- On!

Nakano Azusa

Azusa, the self-proclaimed guitarist is a student at Sakuragaoka High School. She joins the Light Music club after attending their performance. She joins as Ho-kago Tea Time’s rhythm guitarist. Later, Nakano becomes the president of the club and later becomes the lead guitarist and main vocalist of the new band named Wakaba Girls. Like a normal school uniform, she wears a blue blazer and a white shirt. For summer uniform she replaces the blazer with a vest.

Azusa is serious and intelligent. She is sincere with the club and their ambition but she often gets disappointed with the laziness of other members. Her love for music is truly worth-enjoying as she gets overjoyed with good musical performances.

34. Yaya

Anime: Unbreakable Machine-Doll


Yaya is a female banned doll from the Unbreakable Machine-Doll series. She has two siblings, Irori and Komurasaki. She is the automaton lent to Raishin Akabane by Shouko because their compatibility matched. She is the symbol of the moon and possesses out-worldly beauty. She has a small face with flawless white skin and a slender body.

With straight long black hair and center-parted fringe, Yaya is one of the most flawlessly beautiful Setsugetsuka created by Shoko Karyusai. She is seen in different outfits including a nurse outfit, kimono, different nightwear throughout the series. Yaya sounds cute as she talks in third person Point of view. Though she may often become melancholic she gets back to her original self very soon.

35. Hiiragi Kagami

Anime: Lucky star

Hiiragi Kagami

Hiiragi kagami is the twin sister of Tsukasa Hiiragi and one of the four protagonists of the anime series. Her two close friends are Konata Izumi and Miyuki Takara. She has long, messy purple hair tied into tails. She has nice curves and pointed eyes. Her hair is comparatively messier than her sister.

Kagami is the typical tsundere of the group who behaves arrogantly. She is not good with household chores unlike her twin sister.  She is quite impatient in nature but deeply cares for Konata. Though she teases her for her short stature but is willing to favour her every time she asks for it.


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