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61 Daniela Bianchi Sexy Pictures Are Incredibly Excellent

61 Daniela Bianchi  Sexy Pictures Are Incredibly Excellent

The Italian actress, famous for the role of Bond Girl Tatiana Romanova in the film From Russia with Love, is none but Daniela Bianchi.

She was born on 31st January in 1942 in Rome, Italy. Her father was an Italian Army colonel. Bianchi studied ballet for eight years.

She began her career as a model and in 1960, she became the winner of Miss Rome. But later, she became the first runner-up in Miss Universe contest. She was voted as Miss Photogenic by the press at Miss Universe contest. In 1958, she began her film career and appeared in the James Bond film, From Russia with Love as the Bond Girl, Tatiana Romanova. She was the youngest actress who played the role of Main Bond Girl when she was 21. She is the only Italian actress who played the main James Bond Girl but she played a Russian in the film, From Russian with Love. Bianchi beat out more than 200 girls to get the lead role as the Bond Girl in that film. She was the James Bond’s screenwriter’s favorite Bond Girl as she made the most implausible plotline in From Russia with Love and made the bedroom scenes extremely sexy with Sean Connery. But her voice was dubbed by Barbara Jefford in the film for her heavy husky voice. After that, she appeared in several French and Italian films. She was cast in Operation Kid Brother, the James Bond spoof that filmed in English. Her voice again dubbed in the film. She appeared in only American production film in the Dr. Kildare three-part story, Rome Will Never Leave You. In, 2012, she appeared in a small role in the documentary, We’re Nothing Like James Bond. Some of her films are En Cas de Malheur, Le Tigre Aime la chair Fraiche, Slalom, Special Mission Lady Chaplin, Dalle Ardenne all’inferno, O.K. Connery, Baleric Caper, and others.

In 1970, she took retirement from acting and got married to the president of an Italian cargo shipping company, Alberto Cameli with whom she has a son. Alberto died in 2018.

Though she has not won any awards in her career, she was nominated for the Golden Laurel Award in 1965.

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