7 Important Points That Prove “Darth Bane” Is Most Hideous Sith Of All Time!


Darth Bane is presumably a standout personality and an incredibly significant character in Sith history. He began as a modest mineworker and joined the ranks of the Sith military. In addition to this, he saved his whole unit from a suicide mission and joined the Sith Lords. After that, he wiped them out since he felt they were excessively powerless and made his own Sith order that would finally lead the Galaxy. Here are a few other interesting particulars listed about “The Darth Bane” one of the most revered Sith Lords of all time:-

1. Darth Bane’s Initial Life.

learned. He was born on the planet Apatros in 1026 BBY, i.e. around 1026 years before “A New Hope.” He worked as a Cortosis mineworker and lived with his father Hurst, who was an alcoholic. Hurst always abused Dessel for the demise of his spouse and called him “the bane.” Later on, Dessel accidentally killed Hurst with force by imagining a hand crushing his heart. He then figured out how to irritate some Republic troopers in a gambling game called Sabacc. As a result, Troopers ambushed Dessel in the evening; however, he accidently used the “force” to kill a Republic ensign. In an attempt to flee from the planet, his companion enrolled him among the Sith ranks where he would be sheltered from the Republic.


2. Joining up the Sith

During his time as a trooper in the New Sith Wars for the Brotherhood of Darkness, he rapidly rose to the rank of Sergeant in a Sith unit which was called the “Gloom Walkers.” He quickly earned respect, loyalty and was revered amongst the most skilled troopers among the Gloom Walkers. Later on, the Gloom Walkers got an order that was essentially a suicide mission, and the commander chose to finish it. Dessel, not having any desire to die, rebelled and took order from the commander by force and lead his troop into the battle. Dessel figured out how to execute each Republic warrior with the assistance of the force, in spite of being blinded by an explosive. Disregarding his gigantic accomplishment with the mission, his commander told about rebellion to Sith Lord Kopecz.

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