25 Mind-Blowing And Burn Dc Logic Comics That Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably


Superhero films are now smashing the box office records one hit after the other. With Hulk smashing and Thor throwing hammers, Marvel has made history with its cinematic universe, and DC is not far behind. Batman hardly disappeared after The Dark Knight rises before DC rebooted the franchise again for Justice League.

The most iconic superheroes in the DC universe are Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and many more!

Even though a few DC films left us with some gaping plot holes, we have visuals in the form of some hilarious comics to help us in our endeavor. Here are 25 Hilarious DC Logic comics for you to enjoy.

1. Taking It To The Next Level

2. They Have Lines?

3. Superman V. Logic

4. Flawless Logic

5. Peter Parker Ain’t Playin’

6. Sip On Defeat

7. A Good Investment

8. Holy Hardcore Reboot, Batman!

9. Carrying The Franchise

10. See-Through Disguises

11. Don’t Scare Him Away

12. The Reboot We Need

13. The Greatest Superpower Is 20/20 Vision

14. Caving In

15. The Most Terrifying Creatures

16. Meet You There

17. Say My Name

18. Cheaper Than Therapy

19. Far Out, Kal-El

20. Bodies Of Steel

21. Finally, Some Recognition

22. Totally On Purpose

23. Less Dramatic, But It Works

24. The Faces Of Facebook

25. Double Standard Rocket


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