25 Insanely Funny Deadpool Vs. Wolverine Memes For Fans To Enjoy


Which one is the most iconic duo ever – Starsky& Hutch, Dustin, and Steve (thanks to Stranger Things), Rocket & Groot or Deadpool and Wolverine? Even though, Deadpool and Wolverine don’t really share great vibes mostly, or ever, but, nothing stops them from being the most hilarious duo in the whole Superhero universe.

The friendship between the two mutants is the kind of a relationship that you would have with your elder brother. The never ending fights and rivalries, and the frustration of an older brother who has an extremely annoying younger brother. It seems as if Wolverine exchanged his elder brother Sabertooth for the Merc With A Mouth Deadpool, who appears to be the ideal version of annoying younger brother to Logan.

That is the reason why it is always entertaining to witness interactions between these two since they are both from that immortal, careless and destructive category. Wolverine prefers maintaining an order, being a hero, but, as seen in his last film, trouble somehow finds Logan. On the other hand, Deadpool seems to be more reckless than Joker and Harley Quinn put together can ever be, and that’s a big deal!

Therefore, if you bring Wolverine and Deadpool together, you would surely get a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, Hugh Jackman has exited the Wolverine’s character, and we won’t be seeing the on-screen portrayal of the two characters and their incredible bond. However, we do have scores of memes and comics that can brilliantly depict the immense love that Wolverine and Deadpool have for each other.

25. Wolverine Vs. Deadpool Vs. Blade?

24. Honey, I Shrunk The Wolverine

23. Let’s Just Forget That Movie Ever Existed…

22. Get Out Those Hello Kitty Band-Aids

21. Dollar Store Claws

20. You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

19. I Don’t Smell Anything

18. Waaay Ahead Of You

17. And The Deadpool Hijinx Continue

16. We’d Pay To See It

15. The Money Train Is Leaving The Station

14. Wolverine Should Really Charge Interest

13. Little Deadpools Or Wolverine’s Kryptonite

12. The Motorcycle Makes The Man

11. Not Even For A Cameo?

10. Hooray For Special Effects!

9. I Don’t Think He’s Signing Them

8. Do They Still Matter?

7. Get Out Your Tissues, For Both

6. An Oldie But A Goodie

5. Coming Soon, To A Theater Near You

4. You Know What, I Believe It

3. Spoiler Alert

2. The Cutest Couple Award Goes To…

1. And The Feud Begins


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