10 Terrifying Deaths Of The Marvel And DC Universe


As children, all of us had our favourite superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes. We had seen them earn their powers, fight all their fears and even grow into one of the world’s strongest superheroes. But it had been very sad to see some of them meet their ends and die. Here, we have for you 10 terrifying deaths in Marvel and DC universes:

1. Mar-Vell: The First Captain Marvel

“The Death of Captain Marvel” in 1982, was one of the very first Marvel superhero deaths and the character had died of cancer and exposure to Nitro’s gas.

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2. Rorschach

In 1987, when Ozymandias convinced Dr Manhattan that sacrificing lives would actually work for the greater good, he was forced to kill Rorschach.

3. Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Twice

Peter Parker had been dying in two universes- Earth 616 and Marvel Ultimate Universe-Peter was shot by the Punisher and had died while he was battling Green Goblin. In, Earth 616, the superhero had died when Doctor Octopus switched his minds with Spider-Man, and both the doctors had died.

4. Wolverine (“Logan” James Howlett)

In “Death of Wolverine”, a virus blocked the character’s powers and abilities to heal, and Logan was covered in liquid Adamantium, and he could not remove it and died of suffocation.

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5. Charles Xavier: Professor X

In the issue, “Avengers vs X-Men”, Professor X tried to explain a few things to Cyclops and fought Cyclops. By the end, Professor X, well, was dead.

6. Barry Allen: The Second Flash

The death of Barry Allen in 1985 left all the DC fans shocked and horrified. The Flash died when he had been trying to defend mankind, but Barry’s face had soon disintegrated.

7. Steve Rogers: Captain America

In the Civil War, Captain America surrendered to Iron  Man, and he was gunned down by Sharon Carter who was unfortunately brainwashed.

8. Jean Grey

Jean Grey’s death had taken place in 2005, and here, Jean struggled to release herself from the Dark Phoenix. Soon, she earned physical control and then destroyed herself.

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9. Superman

Back in 1993, Supermen died while was killing Doomsday, and the Man of Steel returned after having his body regenerated in the Fortress of Solitude.

10. Jason Todd: The Second Robin

Jason Todd’s death was a pretty brutal one. The Joker had beaten Robin using a crowbar, and just as Batman was a few meters away, he had set off a bomb, and this had killed Robin.


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