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61 Denisa Rosolova Sexy Pictures Demonstrate That She Is As Hot As Anyone Might Imagine

61 Denisa Rosolova Sexy Pictures Demonstrate That She Is As Hot As Anyone Might Imagine

Czech Republic has gifted the world some amazing athletes time and again. Denisa Rosolova is one of the prominent stars of the group of athletes and for good reason. Although she specializes in the long jump category, she also participates in the Heptathlon event.
Denisa Rosolova was born on the 21st of August in the year 1986 and is currently a 33-year-old veteran. She was initially married to a tennis player called Lukas Rosol. The marriage however ended in divorce and then in the year 2017, she put an end to her career by announcing her pregnancy. She recently got married in a private ceremony and has a family life now.
She has the record of a 6.68-meter jump when it comes to long jumps and holds a high score of 5828 points in the Heptathlon event. She shot to fame when she won a silver and a gold in her first two world events namely the U-17 World Championship held in Sherbrooke and the World Junior Championship held in Grosseto.
She has also represented her country at the Olympics in Athens and came 25th for the long jump event. She has also participated in the European Indoor Athletics Championship and came out with flying colors in that event as well. She has served her country well and made her proud with her achievements.
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Denisa Rosolová big butt
Denisa Rosolová big butt

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Denisa Rosolová hot pics (1)
Denisa Rosolová hot pics

Denisa Rosolová awesome pic (1)

Denisa Rosolová awesome pic (2)

Denisa Rosolová awesome pictures (1)

Denisa Rosolová awesome pictures (2)

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Denisa Rosolová hot (1)

Denisa Rosolová hot look (1)

Denisa Rosolová hot look (2)

Denisa Rosolová hot pics (2)

Denisa Rosolová hot pictures (1)

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Denisa Rosolová hot pictures (2)

Denisa Rosolová near nude

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Denisa Rosolová sexy leg (2)

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