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Dessie Mitcheson is an American Model, producer cum actress as well as Instagram Personality. She was known as the Hometown Hottie by Maxim Magazine and was placed in Hot 100 list of Men’s Magazine in 2013. Dessie Mitcheson was born on 30th June in the year 1990. She hails from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. But currently live in Los Angeles, California, USA. Recently Dessie was dubbed as the sexy Mr. Rogers in the Nicest Neighbor Costume. However, for the campaign, Dessie Mitcheson was criticized by local websites. Even an unknown person has commented on the social media telling her not to come back to her hometown.

Dessie Mitcheson has started modeling as a career at a very young age of 18 years and also participated in Miss Pennsylvania USA, where she was placed in the top ten. As her mother is a cosmetologist introduced her to the world of modelling at a very young age. Her father’s name is Timothy Mitcheson. Dessie Mitcheson attended cosmetology school after completing her high school, where she was a top scorer. Currently, she is dating Marry Zachary Pilek, whom she met in 2012 in Los Cabos. Pilek used to work as a deckhand on the yacht.  She will be marrying him most probably in June 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. Dessie Mitcheson’s recent net worth as of 2019 was USD 380k.

Dessie Mitcheson is known for Half UnTold and Rick the Dickand as well as Coded Court in 2019. She is also pursuing a career in television. For the Legends Football League, Dessie Mitcheson was named as the Lead Sideline Reporter. In Los Angeles, Dessie is enjoying her acting classes as well and she has finished a class at a Tony Award-winning Theatre called South Coast Reparatory and Grey Studio. She did her hosting taught by Suzanne Sena.

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