The Disney Execs Have Confirmed That We Will See More Of Deadpool In the Future


It had taken the actor, Ryan Reynolds many years to get a Deadpool film off the ground, and in spite of having created two fan-favourite films that had made Deadpool a billion-dollar box office franchise, all the fans have been wondering if the Disney and Fox deal would mean that Reynolds was done with superhero comedies.

According to Alan Horn, the Disney executive, this is not the case. Today, during CinemaCon, he had assured the audience that the fans could get more Deadpool:

“You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years ahead,” Horn had said.

The studio sees a lot of value in Deadpool as a franchise, and the question will be whether it actually will continue to stand on its own and be an R-rated production.

Disney’s CinemaCon presentation has been pretty interesting, as the studio has brought a full slate with them and this includes Fox films.

There is something surreal about having all the Disney executives talk up the virtues of Alien and announce the end of the X-Men with Dark Phoenix. As of now, there is no official word as to when more X-films will come our way. It looks pretty likely that any major announcements about the MCU’s future will be made after the movie, Avengers: Endgame hits the theatres.


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