‘Infinity War’ Fan Theory: Doctor Strange Was Behind Hulk’s Refusal To Come Out


Avengers: Infinity War released on April 27th this year. The film had nearly everything that fans could have asked for. It had death, devastation, chaos, and absolute disregard of the core principle of the MCU that the heroes will always win. The film achieved what it aimed for. Avengers: Infinity War consolidates Thanos as the most powerful villain ever. The premise of Thanos being a force of the nature is the thing that has brought together the Earth’s biggest superheroes in a way that nothing else ever could. The heroes teamed up to fight something much more powerful than themselves. They came together to battle Thanos and save the world from his weird sense of justice, but, they failed, and Thanos went ahead with his genocide.

Avengers: Infinity War featured almost all the superheroes. The film was the outcome of more than ten years of moviemaking, and it highlighted the joint efforts of various sub-franchises and more than 40 super-powered characters. The whole idea is too grand to be understood with so much ease. However, there are numerous characters that didn’t make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War despite the massive scope of the film. The Avengers; Infinity War might have been the grand finale of the whole MCU, but, various characters like Ant-Man, The Wasp, Hawkeye, Hank Pym, and even the Hulk didn’t take part in the war.

Fans might find some comfort in the fact that the Pyms and Scott Lang got a proper story in the Ant-Man and The Wasp, and we know that Clint Barton has retired from being an active superhero. However, the most shocking absence was that of the Incredible Hulk. The green monster did appear briefly at the start of the film when he attacked Thanos physically, but, things don’t go his way. Thanos not only beats the Incredible Hulk savagely but, it also results in the Incredible Hulk refusing to participate in any other fights that followed in the film.

This trend kept running throughout the entire length of the movie. While the story kept dragging forward and the risk became more and more pronounced, Hulk steadily refused to come out when the battle had to be fought. Even at the time when Banner was being defeated by Thanos and Corvus Glaive, the Hulk refused to take part in the battle. Why is this happening? Is the Hulk frightened of Thanos and he is not willing to fight even with his stooges. This is nothing like the Hulk we know. The Hulk is the embodiment of Bruce Banner’s anger, and it powers him. It is not possible for a being made of anger to be afraid. There is no logic in that.

However, if the Hulk is not really scared of Thanos they why is he not ready to come out when he was needed during the events of the film? Apparently, the Reddit user Tanyunlong_1 has found the answers to these questions. The Redditor posted a theory on R/fan theories which takes care of and explains the Hulk’s reluctant behavior in the film and gave us a fascinating reason behind it. The Reddit user says:

No, it is not possible. While we don’t find the theory to be completely practical, what if it is? Is there actually a chance that Doctor Strange had instructed the Hulk to not come out? Maybe this is all a part of the ‘Endgame.’ We think Tanyunlong_1 is indicating that Doctor Strange has been controlling each and every aspect of the battle that we witnessed in Avengers: Infinity War.

In our opinion, it is no longer needed to tell you that there is only one future possibility where The Avengers had won out of the total 14 million 605 scenarios. It is quite unbelievable, but, if this is the actual truth, then we can relax knowing that Doctor Strange would have not cared about his life or safety in his bid to ensure that only that future must take place.

 “We are in the endgame now” – Dr. Strange, Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers 4 is scheduled to hit theatres on May 3, 2019.