61 Dominikia Cibulkova Sexy Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Pound For Her

61 Dominikia Cibulkova Sexy Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Pound For Her

Dominikia Cibulkova made her debut in the Grand slam and reached the third round did not make it to the finale. Her best-played tournaments are the ECM Prague Open and Guangzhou International Women’s Open China. The beginning year of her tennis career did not earn much to her sports career, later she won the Mexico Open.

In 2012 she played in the Australian Open as the 17th Seeded, she also reached the Barcelona Open final butt lost to Sara Errani. While it was in 2012 she has competed for both the summer singles and doubles. Till 2014 she had played in Fed Cup, once again won the Mexican cup, it was in this year that Cilbulkova was selected on the top 10 WTA, while in the US open she was unable to move from the first round of US open losing to Cici Bells.

2014 had made great progress in the Tennis career of Cibulkova but it was her Achilles surgery that made her year a tough period for her. It was in the Diamond Games she reached the Quarterfinals she was injured, it was her left Achilles tendon injury. The injury had to be treated with surgery and thus she missed a few of the important tournaments.

Her return was in the same year in the Aegon international.

In 2016, won the Generali Ladies Linz, it was an easy round for her winning in straight sets, her focus and lower bodywork was her strong features which made defeating her a hard work for the opponent. Her high and forceful strokes and saving each ball strikes in her court were highly consistent. This made Cibulkova one of the best tennis players.

In 2019 she had retired from Tennis, after playing the French Open doubles. They lost the match, finally, Cibulkova moved away from her tennis career.

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