29 Donna Edmondson Sexy Pictures Will Induce Passionate Feelings for Her

29 Donna Edmondson Sexy Pictures Will Induce Passionate Feelings for Her

The famous brunette beauty, Donna Edmondson once was in much of controversy after posing nude pictorials for Playboy magazine. At that time, she was still a virgin and Joan Rivers made a big issue out of this and some other people also called her not being religious as she showed her body to other men. But for doing the photoshoot, she has been very famous and her career also rose up.

Donna’s father always wanted his wife to pose for Playboy and also tried to get her in the magazine but they didn’t become successful. Her father then pushed her to do so and she accepted. She started to send several photos of her to the magazine and after a few tries, she was selected to be the Playmate of the Month in 1986. She also became the Playmate of the Year in 1987. She also received a red Chevrolet Corvette convertible for her stamp as a Playmate. For her nude pictorial for the magazine, she was called Virgin Playmate and also gained huge popularity in the readers. She also traveled all over the country as the Playmate of the Year. She also visited 54 cities in 52 days. Later, she also was featured in a few Playboy videos and also posed for in several editions of Playboy. After that, she started working as a tax accountant. She also made guest appearances in occasional Glamourcon.

This famous model was born on 1st February in 1966 in Greensboro, North Carolina. She belongs to a Baptist family. She completed her studies from the University of North Carolina. After that, she used to be an employee in a real estate agency. She was named Most Likely to Become a Bunny in her high school yearbook.

In 1999, she got married to Davis Crawford and she has become the mother of three children. She still lives in her hometown.

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Donna Edmondson lingerie
Donna Edmondson lingerie

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Donna Edmondson side boobs
Donna Edmondson side boobs

Donna Edmondson hot Donna Edmondson knockers Donna Edmondson lovely Donna Edmondson sexy Donna Edmondson side pose

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Donna Edmondson beautiful

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