22 DonnaMarie Recco Hot Pictures Show Off Her Flawless Figure


Donnamarie Recco has greyish eyes that look stunning with her brown hair and skin tone. Donnamarie has a seductive appearance that can steal a glance easily. She has a nice figure structure that makes her hot and sexy. Donnamarie was born on 20th May 1970 in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States.

Donnamarie made her debut in the acting arena in 1994 with the film 3 Ninjas Kick Back as a hot dog vendor. She was cast as Shella in the film Analyze This in 1999. She appeared as Melanie Daniels in the television series Law & Order in 2000. Donnamarie went on to star as Isabella in the television film Murder Among Friends in 2001.

1. DonnaMarie Recco Hot Pics

DonnaMarie Recco Hot Pics
DonnaMarie Recco Hot Pics

The following year, she had the role Dee’Ahn in the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. Donnamarie appeared as Melissa in the film Auto Focus in 2002. Donnamarie played the role of Sheila in the film Deep Cover in 2002. In 2004, she was cast as Tammy in the film View from the Top.

2. DonnaMarie Recco Sexy Bikini Pics

DonnaMarie Recco Sexy Pics
DonnaMarie Recco Sexy Pics

Donnamarie had the role of Zoe in the television series Judging Amy in 2004. The year 2007 saw her performance as Angelina in the film One Night. Donnamarie appeared to play the role of Sue in the short film Officer Down in 2008. The following year, Donnamarie also took part in the role of Justine in the film 2:13. The actress played the role of Nicole Barrett in the television series Unforgettable in 2012.

3. DonnaMarie Recco Hot Pics 2022

In 2014, she appeared as Laura Graff in the television series Forever. The following year, Donnamarie had Debora Sallinger’s role in the television series The Blacklist. In 2015, the actress made an appearance as Trina Hamilton in the series Blue Bloods. She also appeared as Gina in the series Bridge and Tunnel. She will appear in the film The Fury.


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