30 Insanely Funny Dragon Ball Memes That Will Make Fans Doubt Everything


Typically anime haters refer to Dragon Ball as being a show which they mention while trying to irritate anime lovers. However, the reason for that is the extreme popularity enjoyed by Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. In fact, it is so popular that even those who have never seen the series have a good idea about what a Super Saiyan is. That’s a remarkable achievement. In fact, there is a number of animes known to Americans, but, Dragon Ball is the one which most people know about.

Goku’s story is not much different from Superman as he is also from an alien planet and is much stronger than the inhabitants of the planet due to his alien powers. However, it is not sure whether it was influenced by Superman or it is not unusual for a writer to think of an alien or a being from some other realm, who could be mightier than the humans. In our opinion, it is a legit description. There are many fans who believe Goku is superior to Superman.

However, that’s not the topic here. We are only focusing on the funny and crazy content revealed by Dragon Ballwhich makes us want the real world to be similar to it. Just think about a life where all of us could be as powerful as Krillin. He has the power of flight. There are a lot of people who don’t remember the fact that Krillin almost figured out how to fly only because his friends used to be superheroes like Goku. We live in a world of greatness and hilarious memes.

30. Love That Daughter

29. Throw Salt On Them Jawns

28. Behold The Spirit Bomb

27. A Namekian Accent

26. I Got Some Leftovers For You

25. Eat A Snickers

24. Yajirobe’s Frozen Yogurt Stand

23. Sort Of Hypocritical

22. Goku Yolo

21. CSI: Miami: Krillin Chronicles

20. Make Piccolo Do It

19. The Bubble Gum Gumbi

18. Got A New Android Cell

17. Bulma And The Beast

16. Call Him Righty

15. Mr. Satan The Hero Of Earth

14. The Name Is Trunks

13. The Widows Peak Of Vegeta

12. Goku’s Busy Training

11. Cells Absorb Androids

10. Piccolo’s Only Eight?

9. Yamcha Is Useless

8. Get Off The Internet

7. There’s A Hole In Your Trunks

6. Don’t Finish It Too Fast

5. Their Hair Is Amazing

4. Cliffhangers Belong To Anime

3. Vegeta Vs. Yamcha

2. The Many Faces Of Goku

1. Scream For Power


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