20 Of The Funniest Dragon Ball Super Logic For Genuine Fans Only


After almost 19 years of its original appearance, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z ultimately landed a sequel titled Dragon Ball Super. At the outset, it made fans greatly excited as well as nervous. They were excited for the mega battles punctuated by guts and continuous effort, but, worried about how it might just fail to do good. However, Super turned out to be good. It featured blue-haired transformations, for the first time we had a female Super Saiyan and funny vegetable names. Although the series had some issues, it still came out with the classic action-filled, brave, long and crazy fights which are so close to the hearts of Dragon Ball fans.

With a huge cast featuring new characters, the 2015 sequel restructured the hierarchy among the mighty Dragon Ball characters and also paid a great deal of battle homage to the original Dragon Ball series. However, the fans of Super, know deep in their hearts, that the show was nothing like ideal. In fact, it had so many such moments where the logic was absent or to say the least, doubtful. While most of us simply ignored those faults at that time, but, a reflection now reveals that things which had no logic are in fact, absolutely hilarious. Dragon Ball fans went on to create some fantastic comics and memes highlighting the logical problems related to Dragon Ball Super and only those who have watched the series can understand them. Whether it be weird plot points to dumb conclusions, all these elements have been covered in these incredibly funny fan comics which will make you recall Dragon Ball Super. So here is our compilation of Funniest Dragon Ball Logic Comics!

20. Blue Super Saiyan?!

19. The Way Time Passes In All The Dragon Ball Shows

18. Behold, The Evil Villain Called Black Goku!

17. The Epic Fight Between Vegeta And Toppo That Had Meant Nothing

16. The Painfully Memorable Art Of Super

15. Goku Didn’t See Cell As A Real Threat

14. Amazing Plot Changes, Guys. Really.

13. Tracksuits Are Fashionable…?

12. Frieza Disappears For A Few Episodes

11. Vegetables Are The Name Of The Game

10. Wow, The Pride Troopers Sure Look Familiar

9.Vegeta Is A Better Parent Than Goku

8. Universe 7 Is Messed Up, Jiren

7. Beerus’ Childhood 

6. Searching For Dragon Ball Super On The Internet

5. The Relationship Of Caulifla And Kale

4. Krillin, The Unsung Hero Of Earth

3. Super Saiyan Blue Is A God Transforma-OOF!

2. Vegeta’s Role In Super Is The Same As It’s Always Been

1. Zamasu’s Character Makes Very Little Sense


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