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Erica Durance talks about the expected cross over between the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and the Arrowverse. She claimed that these whole cross over concept might end up with DC fans getting something unexpected and dreamy to keep loving the industry more.

Born on the 21st of June in the year 1978, Erica Durance is known for being a Canadian actress who is best known for playing the role of Lois Lane in the famous TV series named as Smallville. She is also known for playing the role of Alex Reid in the medical drama series of Saving Hope. She has been in any number of movies and some of which can be listed as the untold (2002), house of the dead (2003), the bridge (2004), the butterfly effect 2 (2006), Sophie and Sheba (2010), pain killers (2015) and many more such to include. Her tv shows can be listed as devil winds (2003), try calling (2004), Andromeda (2004), the collector (2004), I Me Wed (2007), along with Charlie angel (2011), Harry’s law (2012) and many more to keep naming. Apart from being a superstar, she is also a philanthropist who works and supports World Vision Canada. She supports the cancer society after losing her brother to bone cancer at the age of 17. She is married to David Plafy in the year 2005 and also has kids with him.

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