6 Super Famous Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Related To Each Other


We have seen that the entertainment industry has really grown across various verticals in the field of TV shows, movies, animation and lots more. The actors and actresses have taken over all our lives and we are always caught thinking about them. The modern culture glorifies them and most fans put them on a pedestal. The celebrities endorse some of the biggest brands and they also put their faces on magazines and commercials. All of us have our favourite actors and actresses, and we love almost everything about these people.

Most of us follow them on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. We even try and buy tickets for their first day first shows. But some of your favorite actors and actresses are related, and you may not know that. Here’s a list:

1. Maggie Gyllenhaal- Jake Gyllenhaal:

Jake Gyllenhall hails from a family that has strong, very ties and connection with Hollywood, and he has been a star kid, and the actor had been destined for stardom and fame. He acted in movies like Nightcrawler, ‘The Brokeback Mountain’; Source Code and many more. His older sister is Maggie, and she is also equally famous and has made appearances in movies like ‘The Dark Knight,’ and she had played the role of Rachel.

2. Stephen Amell- Robbie Amell:

Stephen Amell is very well-known for playing the role of DC’s Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). The show had forced all other studios to compete for TRP’s on the small screen. The actor’s cousin, Robbie Amell is a CW star as well, and he played the role of Ronnie Raymond in Flash.

3. Ben Affleck- Casey Affleck:

Ben Affleck… we all know him. He is super famous for playing the role of Batman in the DCEU movies and he ‘may’ reprise this role for the Batman solo film. The actor’s brother, Casey is known for his Oscar-winning performance in the movie, ‘Manchester by the sean.’

4. Elizabeth Olsen- the Olsen twins:

We all know the Olsen twins-Mary Kate and Ashley who starred in the show, ‘Full House.’ Their sister, Elizabeth Olsen is now a huge sensation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and plays the role of Scarlet Witch. She debuted in the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron and then she made san appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

5. Julia Roberts- Emma Roberts:

The Academy award winner, actress, Julia Roberts is a huge star in Hollywood, and she has been a very successful lady. Her niece is Emma Roberts, and she has also earned a name for herself in the film industry and has starred in movies like The Art of Getting By, We are the Millers, Nerve and many more.


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