30 Epic Fan-Reimaginations Costumes That Marvel Needs To Use


Many fan-made redesigns of famous characters are super interesting since they always present an appearance for a well-known character that all the creators may not have really thought of and re-imagining always takes elements of characters’ abilities, powers and influences and also puts them into the costume and suits. Many superheroes make for the best fan redesigns, with Marvel, as the publisher is on top of updating the characters with a lot of modern senses of fashion and design. To this very same degree, all the artist across the world have also thrown their own hats in the ring of contemporary redesigns, and have provided a few amazing updates, re-imaginings and alternate takes of the fan-favourite superheroes.

A few of the best Marvel redesigns for characters are so good that Marvel can actually consider using them in their official comics and live-action movies. A few of the artists that have created these have even ended up working for Marvel, so maybe we may see the modern redesigns grace all the pages of the comic books but well, only time will really tell. For now, all we can show the readers are the great re-imaginings of the classic superhero characters that all the artists have come up with. With these characters that have been around for so many years, it can be a little hard to keep their costumes modern, sleek, appealing, and fresh but these fan redesigns have brought in something new to their usual costumes:

1. Spider-Man

2. Captain America

3. Ant-Man

4. Luke Cage

5. Black Widow

6. Storm

7. Perfect!

8. Cyclops And Wolverine

9. Best!

10. Cyclops

11. Daredevil

12. Iron Man

13. Wonderful!

14. X-Men

15. Punisher

16. Iron Fist

17. Marvel Villains

18. Juggernaut

19. Iron Man

20. Captain Marvel

21. Hawkeye

22. Awesome Cap!

23. Black Panther

24. Doctor Strange

25. Iron Man Mark I

26. Armored Cyclops

27. Jean Grey And Cyclops

28. Winter Soldier

29. Black Widow

30. Thor


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