Fans Are Getting Hyped Up Over The New ‘Rick and Morty’ Pickle Rick And Plumbus Mugs


All the Rick and Morty fans have two new, Adult Swim-official drinkware options, and one of them may draw a few unwanted attention.

The Pickle Rick stein is now available to pre-order for $18.99 with free shipping slated for July. The Plumbus mug is now available for $20.99 with free shipping slated for May. The quantities are pretty limited.

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If are a person who really liked the Pickle Rick and Plumbus mugs, you may even be interested in the Rick and MortyGeekiTikis. They are a merchandising match made in Heaven – or even Hell.

Rick and MortyGeekiTiki mugs are now a reality, and one can order the lineup here for $17.99 each. There are 10 mugs, and if you are wondering whether or not this collection includes a Pickle Rick Tiki mug- “yes”.

Please do make sure to take note of the capacity of these mugs as they range from 12oz to 24oz, but the price is the same. GeekiTikis makes a great mug, so the quality will be really high.

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If you want to find out what a Plumbus actually smells like, you can make this happen. The official Rick and Morty candle allows you to fill your room with the scent a Plumbus.

The Plumbus candle can be ordered for $18.99 with free US shipping. You may even want to savour the delicious scent of your own completion with Simple Rick’s wafer-scented candle.

You can also use the Portal Gun bottle opener to open the beverages that will pair with the Rick and Morty mugs and glasses.