7 Superior Female Versions Of Male Superheroes


During the early stages of comic books, all the women’s roles had been relegated to girlfriends and wives and the occasional villainess.

It was not until the ‘40s that the likes of superheroines like Black Canary and Wonder Woman had come into the limelight. The theory was that women were not really powerful enough or even strong enough to become superheroes. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, a few alternate versions of the male superheroes had guaranteed that there would surely be a whole lot of female superheroes. In the light of this here we have for you 7 female versions of superheroes who are way more powerful than the originals:


Monica Rambeau had been the very first African American woman for leading the Avengers, and Carol Danvers, previously Ms. Marvel, had brought a whole new stream of new fans as she changed her suffix. Through the years, Captain Marvel has now become more powerful than her male version, Mar-vell.


Jessica Drew had gotten her powers because of her father injecting her with untested serum. The character had strength, super speed, agility, stamina and healing powers. Her body used to produce pheromones which she could use for instilling fear or attract someone.


The cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-El has had many incarnations, and Supergirl can metabolize yellow sunlight at a way higher rate than Superman.


Jessica Walters was part of a hero family and her cousin, Bruce Banner had given her an emergency blood transfusion. She had a lot of control over her emotions and could swap powers and physiques.


Katherine Kane was the female Bruce Wayne and was influential, wealthy, and charismatic. Like Carrie Kelly, the female Robin, Katherine had been inspired by Batman. She is very vocal regarding her Jewish background and her lesbian status.


Thor had been replaced by a very mysterious woman and appeared in Thor: Tears of the Gods Vol. 2 #22. The new Thor was Jane Foster who had been trying to battle cancer, and she had picked up Mjolnir and was then granted Thor’s powers.


Rescue is Pepper Potts, and she had all of Iron Man’s strengths in her powerful suit, but none of Tony Stark’s failings and this made her a way more superior wielder of this suit.


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