We May Soon Get A Reboot Of ‘Friday the 13th’ From Lebron James


With the horror movie, Halloween having dominated the box office over the weekend, many fans of this genre are now expecting a few iconic horror franchises to get the reboot treatment. It now seems like Jason Vorhees and Friday the 13th are on this list.

According to an all-new report, Lebron James and Springhill Entertainment company are now in talks with Vertigo Entertainment for producing a whole new Friday the 13th film.

James has surely been making many big moves in the entertainment field, and the former NBA superstar and now producer will star in the Space Jam sequel movie and produce with the director of Black Panther, Ryan Coogler. Space Jam 2 will start production during the 2019 NBA offseason. James will produce Warriors of Liberty City on Starz and also, The Shop on HBO.

Well, it sure does seem like the best time to revive a franchise like Friday the 13th, given the success of the many horror reboots. While this genre had gone through a time of unsuccessful reboots, now, things have started to change.

Last year, Stephen King’s It had debuted at $123 million at the domestic box office. Halloween had earned $77.5 million domestically over the weekend.


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