30 Mind-Blowing Behind-The-Scenes Images Of Gal Gadot That Will Make Fans Go Crazy About Her


Last year, Wonder Woman completely surprised everyone. The DCEU has not been doing well at all, and it had started with only a modest success in Man of Steel. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as Suicide Squad, were both slammed by critics and fans, despite making lots of money at the box office.

In fact, in the summer of 2017, DCEU seemed to be sinking. Right up to the time it hit the theatres, a lot of moviegoers expected Wonder Woman to fail just like the films preceding it.

Fortunately, things changed tremendously, and all the naysayers were proven wrong. The Wonder Woman turned out to be a mega success which not only turned out to be the highest earning superhero origin film  (until Black Panther outperformed it earlier this year) but, the film was also loved by the fans and critics alike. A lot of that acclaim was courtesy of the mind-blowing performance of Gal Gadot, the star who played Wonder Woman in the Patty Jenkins movie.

The drop dead gorgeous Israeli beauty turned out to be very much the embodiment of Wonder Woman. There was a time when many people thought she wouldn’t be a good Wonder Woman because they felt she was too skinny to play a superhero. However, her non-American accent, stunning looks, supreme physical shape and combat prowess (thanks to her stint as a martial arts expert with the Israeli Defence Forces), she totally nailed the role.

As is the case with most grand superhero movies, Gal Gadot had to do a lot of things behind-the-things to turn Wonder Woman into such a success. Here we present to you 30 amazing behind-the-scenes Gal Gadot photos which will totally steal your heart and make you fall in love with her. Check them out below!



So Cute!

Nice Shot!

Costume Test!


Fast and Furious Set!

Fun Unlimited!

Working Hard!

That Laugh!


Haha Lovely!



Sweet on Cameras!



Scene Discussion!

The Laughs A Lot!


Lmao! That Walk!

Best Picture!


Bold and Beautiful!


Love Her!

She is a True Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman’sTraining

GAL Gadot’s Stunt Woman

A True Role Model


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