Here Is Your Own Game Of Thrones Ice Dragon But It Will Cost You A Bomb


This scene shocked the Game of Thrones lovers. The Night King resurrected the dragon called Viserion and rode it towards The Wall, destroying the structure with a blaze of cold fury. It was an iconic moment that one would want to relive time and again. Now it is possible – courtesy of a two-foot tall statue.

Recently, this mind-blowing statue of the Night King and his Ice Dragon was revealed by Dark Horse Direct, which, is two feet tall, and will cost you $599. Hey, you okay there? Hope you didn’t break something or hurt yourself with that fall. Yeah, it costs you $599. However, once you check out the photos below, which are under-development prototypes and will be even more detailed when delivered, you will understand the cost.

Just look at those wings! The tiny Night King! This is beyond words!

The statue is built of polyresin, and yet again, we repeat that it is only a prototype. Further details and additions will be made to it. They haven’t even started taking pre-orders yet.  We advise you stay updated about it and find out more at this link.

[h/t The Beat]


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