25 Hilarious Ghost Rider Memes That You Cannot Miss


Ghost Rider as we all know is a name that has been taken up by a lot of antiheroes that make appearances in the comic books by Marvel Comics. The very first supernatural Ghost Rider is known to be a stunt motorcyclist named Johnny Blaze, and he, for saving his father’s life, had agreed to give his soul to “Satan”. Blaze then finds his body being consumed by hellfire, and this causes his head to become a skull that burns with fire. He is seen riding a fiery motorcycle, and the character also wields blasts of hellfire.

This character then learns that he is bonded with the demon called Zarathos. Blaze had been featured in the Ghost Rider series from the year, 1972 till the year, 1983. The next Ghost Rider series from the year, 1990till the year, 1998 had featured Danny Ketch as the Ghost Rider. After his sister had been injured by a few ninja gangsters, Ketch had come in contact with a motorcycle that was mystically enchanted and has a Spirit of Vengeance. Blaze then reappeared in the series as a supporting character, and then the readers had learnt that Danny and his sister had been Blaze’s along lost siblings. In the 2000’s comic books, Blaze had become the Ghost Rider once again, and in the year, In 2013, Robbie Reyes had become the Ghost Rider, and he had been a part of Marvel NOW!

In light of this, here we have for you 25 epic Ghost Rider memes:



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Oh Yeah!

Well, That Was Awkward!!


The Perfection!

Kiss The Cook!

This is Gonna Be Good!

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That Moment!


There You Go!

Burn It Out!


So Close!

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BBQ Special!

Damnit, Frank!

Wait A Minute!

So Many Nick Names!

Ghost Rider’s flaming head causes global warming and Iceman’s death!

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Just when you think Ghost Rider couldn’t get any cooler – they throw in Coulson!!

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Ghost Rider Memes!


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