11 God-Like Characters That Have Been Watered Down By DC Movies


The DC Comics has a lot of powerful and interesting characters that have fought mighty Gods and have returned from the battle unscathed. The history of DC comics is strife with this awesome God-like superheroes and also supervillains, but they have not really had a very good or even fair representation when it comes to their cinematic universe. Most DC films have had a good share of screw-ups, and most of them are about compromising and also watering down super powerful characters just for the sake of ‘story-telling.’

1. Doomsday


He has fought Superman and has also killed the Man of Steel him in a fight. Doomsday was born after many years of experimentation on a certain alien planet. The DCEU had portrayed this character as a resurrected corpse of General Zod, and they had portrayed him as a character of Kryptonian Origin, and this did not do any justice to Doomsday.

2. Enchantress

In the comic books, Enchantress had used all her magical powers for making the Great Sphinx come to life and then used it to fight instead of her. She has even defeated Superman, Zatanna and also Wonder Woman simultaneously. In the film, Enchantress was all about talking in a very creepy voice, and she had been taken down by Deadshot.

3. Ares

Ares is known as the God of War in comic books and also the Greek Mythology. He is Wonder Woman’s deadliest enemies and has also clashed with the Greek God many times. Ares has also emerged victorious many times. David Thewlis’ Ares was more of a crybaby who was looking for his father’s attention.

4. Zod

 Terrence Stamp had portrayed this character in Superman: Quest for Peace and this Zod was different. The character seemed like a hipster and not a megalomaniac.

5. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is known as the embodiment of Green in the comic books. The Green is a mystical energy, and it connects and also governs all plant life, and the Swamp Thing is a force of nature. In the 1982 movie, the character had been portrayed as more human than an element.

6. Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds was a good choice for the character, Hal Jordan but the execution was pretty bad. Hal is known as a Green Lantern, and he has the greatest weapon of the entire Universe – he can command the willpower of the whole universe and also use this for creating anything. This film had limited Hal’s abilities, and the movie failed.

7. Super Girl

The movie in the year, 1984 had starred Helen Slater, and the film had been panned by the audiences and critics as terrible. Super Girl has the same powers as Superman and is stronger than him. But the effects of this film and also the cheesy and super weak plotline made the movie look Mickey Mouse could take her down.

8. Incubus

Incubus in the movie, Suicide Squad, was the brother of Enchantress, and June Moone catches the wrong guy and delivers an essence of her brother into him. The comic books project a very different story and Incubus is a demon who is from another dimension. He had possessed a superhero known as Nightshade. Nightshade is from another dimension where his species had been killed by Incubus.

9. Parallax

Parallax is known as the embodiment of Fear, and whenever a species is scared, Parallax gets more powerful. Parallax can destroy star systems in the comic books. But the Green Lantern film had really watered this down, and Parallax was just a grumpy yellow cloud that held a grudge.

10. Aquaman

This film has not released yet but all the fans still have a few reservations. WB has had a history of screwing up good characters and plots, and we hope that the King of the Seven Seas and the ruler of Atlantis will be handled well.