25 Crazy Goku Vs. Superman Memes Which Might Cause Laugh Riots


It is now time to cheer for your favorite superhero! Zipping across the galactic spaces, from the former planet of Krypton, weighing a massive 235 lbs, we have the defender, the Man of Steel, Superman! Right from his debut in the pre-World War II era, The Last Son of Krypton (as we are made to believe) is an old hand at the game, and he has beaten countless sprightly challengers over the decades. On the other hand, his rival is more of a teenager in his comparison, but, there are a lot of people who believe that Goku can bring Kal-El down. Weighing an athletic 136 lbs, the Super Saiyan from the faraway planet Vegeta will use his lightning speed to prevail over the Man in Blue!

What does life imply? Why would there be something instead of nothing? Right from the advent of humanity, we have deliberated upon scores of philosophical questions, but, without any definite answer. With the change of priorities, society adjusts to new norms, and each new era brings along a range of mind-boggling questions which will stump even the smartest and the brightest of humans. Among the various dilemmas, the age of the internet has come up with a riddle which just like all other major mysteries of the past, hasn’t yet been answered. Who will a Goku vs. Superman battle? Although a number of efforts have been made by brave netizens to find an answer, the question hasn’t yet found a universally acceptable answer. When times get desperate, only the most recognized literary works of the era can provide real answers.

Here we present to you 25 Goku vs. Superman memes which will answer the question and would make you roll on the floor with laughter!

25. Superman Poses For His Mug Shot

24. When A Krypton Dances With A Saiyan

23. Goku Takes The Gold, Superman Settles For Silver

22. The Difference Between Genius And Stupidity

21. Hulk Smashed (With A Side Of Kryptonian)

20. Vegeta, Those Are Fighting Words!

19. Cool…

18. K.O. (Or, Is It?)

17. Nevermind

16. Counting Your Gokus Before They Hatch

15. Superman’s Impossible Dream

14. Hands Of Steel (With A Guest Appearance By…)

13. A Rock-Solid Case

12. Logic, Thy Name Is Goku?

11. The Saiyan’s Gift

10. Goku Vs. Superman (Featuring Angelina Jolie)

9. Foreshadowing

8. Tears Of A Saiyan

7. Goku V Superman: Dawn Of Outrage

6. Brothers In Arms

5. Ready Player One

4. Child’s Play

3. Superman’s Number One Fan

2. Have You Been Living In The Middle Ages?

1. The Main Event


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