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British-American actress Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson was born on 29th September 1904, in London, England, to Nancy Sophia and George Garson. She was of Scottish and Ulster-Scots descent. Garson indicated no early signs of interest in evolving an actress. She was taught at the University of London with the expectations of becoming a teacher. Instead, she opted to work with an advertising agency. During this period, she occurred in local theatrical productions increasing a reputation as an extremely talented actress. She was found out by Louis B. Meyer while he was on a visit to London looking for new talent.

Garson was signed to a contract with MGM and occurred in her first American film in 1939. The movie in question was Goodbye, Mr.Chips in 1939, which earned rave reviews and garnered her a selection as best actress, the first of six nominations. Already, she was a force to be inferred within Hollywood. The following year would see her in the highly distinguished Pride and Prejudice in 1940 as Elizabeth Bennet. The following year saw her get a second nomination for her character as Edna Gladney in Blossoms in the Dust in 1941. In the year 1942, She earned her first Academy Award for Mrs. Miniver, a character which she would forever be known by. In 1943 as Marie Curie in Madame Curie she would get another nomination and the same the next year in Mrs. Parkington in 1944.

It seemed that any movie she was a part of would surely be an achievement. In 1945, she gained yet another nomination for her character as Mary Rafferty in The Valley of Decision in 1945. But, through the 1940s, she was often typecast in characters that didn’t allow for a lot of creativity. MGM felt that the characters she portrayed were sure winners and, for the time being, they were right, but that didn’t make Garson feel any better about it. She would stay with MGM until 1954. In the year 1946, she occurred in Adventure which was a flop at the box-office. In  1947’s Desire Me was no less a disaster. Her downward spiral quit in the hit That Forsyte Woman in 1949. The next year, she repeated her character as Kay Miniver in The Miniver Story in 1950. Unfortunately, it didn’t fare too well. For the remainder of the 1950s, she survived several less-than-appreciated films.

Then, 1960 found her cast in the character of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in Sunrise at Campobello. This film was, perhaps, her excellent work and reached her seventh Academy Award nomination. Her final appearances on the silver screen were in 1966 The Singing Nun as Mother Prioress and The Happiest Millionaire. After a few TV films, Garson resigned to the New Mexico ranch she shared with her husband, millionaire Buddy E.E.Fogelson. She concentrated on the environment and other numerous charities. By the 1980s, she was mourning from chronic heart problems prompting her to slow down. On 6th April 1996 at the age of 91 she died in Dallas, Texas.

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Greer Garson sexy pics
Greer Garson sexy pics

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Greer Garson hot photos
Greer Garson hot photos

Greer Garson sexy pictures

Greer Garson hot pics

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Greer Garson sexy bikini


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Greer Garson butt pictures

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Greer Garson sexy pics

Greer Garson bikini


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