30 Incredibly Funny Hawkeye And Black Widow Memes That Will Make Fans LOL


The character of Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow is yet another creation of legendary Marvel Editor Stan Lee, writer Don Rico, and artist Don Heck. Her comic book debut was in Tales of Suspense #52 in April 1964. She was originally shown to be a Russian spy and an enemy of Iron-Man. Black Widow made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Iron-Man 2, and initially, we got the impression that her purpose of being in the MCU was to be eye-candy, but, it was upon the arrival of The Avengers that things changed for Natasha. Fans loved the brilliant work by Scarlett Johansson who is rated as one of the hottest women in the world. Her compelling portrayal of the character gave more depth to her, and she now comes across as a multifaceted character. Despite there being only a flashback scene relating to her origins, her character has now become so prominent that Marvel is now planning to make a Black Widow solo film.

Another thing that fans have loved right from the outset is the incredible friendship between Hawkeye and Black Widow which always leads to us getting to see the funnier and the less rigid side of Black Widow. The Internet loves the equation between Hawkeye and Black Widow. That is probably the reason why you can never have enough of hilarious memes featuring the Marvel’s archer with the Black Widow. Take a look at the best Hawkeye/Black Widow memes below:

1. Hawkward!

2. Pickup Master!

3. LOL!

4. Fair Enough!

5. It Depends!

6. Adorable!

7. Lot Like Budapest!

8. Start Shooting!

9. Hold On!

10. Do Not Interrupt Her!

11. Haha!

12. Want To See This!

13. LMAO!

14. Most Distracting Butts!

15. Budapest!

16. Crazy!

17. Ohh Yeah!

18. Love Potions!

19. Reading is fun!

20. Freak!

21. Ooh!

22. They Grew Up!

23. Shut Up!

24. Awww!

25. It’s All Complicated!

26. Hawkeye And Black Widow Memes!

27. Fabulous!

28. Always on target!

29. Super Funny!

30. So Cute!


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